Saturday, July 08, 2006

One year and counting

Today is special. Not in a big way, most people don't know about it but I've finished my first year of retirement. In the spirit of celebration, all of us celebrate differently, I thought I'd put fingers to keys this morning and reflect on what I've accomplished.

I left my job while I still loved it and, most importantly, it loved me. I wasn't pushed out and could have stay much longer but I was ready, oh so ready to move home. I'd seen some people outlive there jobs and stay way too long so their retirement was a celebration not only for them, but their co-workers. Leave them laughing and always wanting more.

We've nearly finished the house inside remodel. Just a few flooring issues and paint and we can start on the outside. It has been fun and not as frustrating as I thought. I learned that darling husband has a few more talents than I ever imagined. He has become the Tile Master; sound the trumpets. Not that he's quick, he'll be the first to admit he isn't but he is precise and that is important as well.

The Getty Center wanted me back. I'm working at least once a week on the hill and loving everything. As a bonus I've made a few new friends, Dolores and Lorrie and I have to be honest I enjoy their company as much as being a docent.

I see my daughter more. The two years in Bakersfield left a void in my soul for that girl and now I can have lunch or drop by or do something in the evening with her. Priceless.

My sister and I've become closer. We traveled together to Indiana in May and, even though the Indians tried to kill us, we had a great time. I look forward to her visit to California in August and once she moves to Arizona, someone please go to Florida and buy her house, I'm sure we can spend some more time together. As she says, stay tuna'd!

My darling companion and I have stayed good friends. Sure, there are the occasional disagreements but we had those while I was working, too. What's the secret? We have our own things to do but still enjoy each other's company. I've learned to paint, he's learned how to lay tile. I docent at the Getty, he still enjoys all his old car functions. But, if we need a little change, he's the first to offer a drive to the beach or lunch out and we always enjoy walking Buddy together.

So, I've done a lot and we're lucky because there's much more to do. I want to travel and we're planning a trip to New Jersey to see his cousins and then to DC to see the Smithsonian. Washington has been on my wish list for years so I'm thrilled. We still need to do more beach camping. I need to become a better painter both on canvas and walls, he needs to tile our daughter's downstairs, and we both need to lose some weight. I want us to be able to stay healthy.

Ok so I'm a lucky girl. I left work at 55 and no, we don't eat dog food. We were good savers in our early years and because we've stayed in the same house, were able to pay it off long ago and plunk lots-o-money into our retirement savings. Ah, say 401K and repeat it over and over.

One last thing, after reading little bird's blog I started one, then sister, then the three of us started Peanut Butter Étouffee and that has been a blast so far.

Whew, I'm going to take a nap but check back next year for another follow-up.


  1. Moon, we may know someone in common. Did you know Columbine who worked in the Photo dept at the Getty? She left last year and moved to Austrailia.

  2. what a sweet blog you wrote you olde retired sister!!!

  3. Welcome back Dave

    Ah, six degrees of seperation? I'm sorry to say I don't know many of the staff.