Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There is a disturbance in the force

In the 36 years we've lived in this house we've never had a cat. We've never owned a cat nor had one as a visitor but now we've got one residing in our guest room. There was that one time I kidnapped our neighbor's cat because we had a mouse invasion but all the stupid animal did was watch the rodent. Lazy-assed cat.

My darling sister and her husband and cat are visiting and would usually stay parked in front of our house in their trailer and did for the first week they were here. This week has turned into a variable hell when it comes to weather and they could not run their air conditioner and ours at the same time. We tried taking turns but yesterday, when the thermometer blew out the top at 111 we shut down their trailer and brought the cat inside to live in our guest bedroom.

At first, Bogie was not happy at all and climbed under the covers of the bed and would not come out. Later in the evening, when they went to bed, the cat did come out to eat and use his box. We must keep the door closed since Buddy, our 100 year-old terrier still has the urge to chase a cat now and then and we'd hate to give this, already traumatized, cat a fright. He was a kitten when they put him in the trailer and, outside of traveling from place to place in the back seat of their truck, he's only know that space. He was quite confused when dumped in a 9x12 bedroom.

The 100 year-old dog hasn't caught on that there is a feline a foot but keeps sniffing down the hall and looks a little confused but that is what a 100 year-old dog usually does. He knows there is something odd going on but loses interest if offered a cookie.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

As you like it.

Sometimes things are not as advertised. My first Art class was Wednesday evening and it was better than I expected. The class is small, less than a dozen, the teach a nut; his favorite saying, " I shit you not" and he is very prepared, very.

Wednesdays are a busy day for me but I'll survive. Pilates in the morning, Getty Center the afternoon then off to Westwood for three hours and finally a long drive home. One would think the traffic on the 405 at 10:00 p.m. would be light. Think again. I'm not sure there is ever a time when the traffic is light on the 405. Parking turned out easier than I figured with a $5 lot just a block or so walk, and just like the freeway, the streets of Westwood are quite lively at 10.

It's fun to be taking a class again and for the next ten weeks I'll be very challenged and might end up being a better artist. I shit you not.