Thursday, October 06, 2011

RIP, Steve Jobs

So many tributes, every blogger, every graphic artist, every geek is feeling the loss today. The whole of humanity feels the loss.

My entire adult life was driven by Apple. My career was possible because of my MAC skills. Thanks Steve.

My darling husband would be one of the last people to use a computer. Just never was very interested but when I got my iPad he took to it right away. It was so easy, so intuitive he learned to navigate the Internet and use e-mail. Now he does his banking, reads and listens to news stories and communicates with family and friends online. Thanks Steve.

Did you know Steve how many success stories there were about your creations? Did it give you a swelling sense of pride? I hope so. I hope you knew before your time was up how many lives you improved but as clever as you were, I'm sure you did.

We are all made of recycled star parts but Steve seemed to have had more than most.