Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soon, very soon

Remember in April I posted about my darling seedlings? No, well catch up and click the link.

Ok, it's now near August and look how we've grown.
This is but two of the seedlings all grown up and ready to make my life oh so joyous by showering me with hot green chilies for the summer.

There, look closely and you can see a few, off to the left–hiding behind a leave– there's a New Mexico Green Chili hanging on. There are a few larger ones but they are deep in side and avoiding the camera like 20-year-old movie-star felon.

As you're looking closely you can see I don't use any bug spray and something is having a banquet munching on the leaves but hey, I've enough for all the little creatures. These two pots were planted because I had so many seedlings that sprouted. Half are now growing in my neighbors garden and he says they are doing well. He's also growing tomatoes. We are serious about salsa here.

It was a rocky start when we had the horrible triple digit heat wave. The 'net, and you all know I live by the 'net, said NM green chilies don't like hot weather over 90 during the day and over 60 at night. Sheesh, that's about our normal weather let alone these blasts from Dantes Inferno from time to time. But now I'm giddy with the amount of flower that stayed and became little tiny chilies. They are just so dang slow growing.

Grow, my darlings so you can realize your full potential, Chili Rellenos, Chili Verde, Salsa, anything your little green hearts desire.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deadline met

The bi-yearly Getty Art Show for the staff and docents deadline is August 4 so I've been working like the devil to get this finished and when I say finished I also mean matted and framed. I would like a double mat and bought large pieces, this is a 22x30 inch frame, but for some reason cut the second mat the wrong size. To quote a former co-worker, "I cut it twice and it's still too short." Rather than wait until next Wednesday when I'm in LA so I could pick up another board I decided one mat was just fine.

This pastel was taken from a photo on our last trip. We were in Arches National Park, it was late in the afternoon, and the truck had a ignition problem. So I could take some photos of the wonderful red rocks in the park my darling drove us from spot to spot and I'd jump out and snap what I wanted. He never tried to hurry me along though the temperature was triple digits.

At one stop I snapped a shot and turned to walk back to the truck. The green of the truck looked so great with the red rocks and the lengthening of the shadow that I snapped another one. This really says it all about our vacation. The truck, the teardrop and the wonderfully beautiful country we drove through.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays can be fun

Do you get those unsolicited e-mails from some made-up names? I must share because I feel I found the perfect non de plume, Albertino Molehunt.

Dear mature lady at the park on Sunday,
When you were 30 I'm sure those breasts were perky enough for that tube top but in the span of 40, or so, years lots happens to our bodies. So if your bra size is approaching a 32 long ditch the tube top for something that doesn't let everyone see those skinny boobs of yours.

Yours respectfully,
Albertino Molehunt

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free, our favorite pastime

Thousand Oaks has a summer series of free concerts in the park and Sunday we attended a great one. Not that the Memorial Day concert was all that bad but it was two tribute bands, the Monkees and Beatles. I just don't get the point with tribute bands. You're a musician that plays well enough to entertain but you pretend you're a famous, or infamous band. Make your own music for God's sake.

We were truly treated to some blues, funk, jazz and a bit or R and B from the Emilio Palame Band. These were true musicians with their own music, OK, they did cover a few other songs, but for the most part everything was from a CD they were trying to sell and, here's the best part, they sounded great. I'm sure they get paid something for showing up but they couldn't make much. Next concert, August 15 is Tresa James and the Rhythm Tramps. Such a fine name for a Blues Band, don't you think?

It's a late afternoon in the park, sitting in the shade and people watching so I'm all for this type of entertainment. Just the fact that there are all ages showing up, families with children, old folks in wheelchairs and anything in between. If you don't bring your picnic basket the park sells hot dogs, popcorn, and snow cones for a dollar each.

We've been attending, sometimes sporadically, these events for ten years. You see my wacky friend Crystal--God rest her soul--a part-time mime and full-time nut, would, with a few other friends, collect donations at intermission. I can't show up at the park without thinking of her and always get a bit sentimental when they come by. I used to say this is for Crystal when I put money in their sack but for some reason have stopped that, now I just say it to myself. I guess I'm afraid they'd say, "Who?" and that would break my heart.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Raise your hand if you hate this hot weather

When we have these hot spells it makes me think we're being punished for something, you know, like leaving the windows down on the car or dishes in the sink overnight, something not so bad as to send us to hell just bad enough to let us feel like we're vacationing there. Looks like our stay has been held over and won't start to get below 90 until later next week.

I love summer but hate when everything you touch in your car gives you first degree burns. I feel as if everything is just over cooked, myself included.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, it finally started raining after three hours of clouds and overcast but, it's still 80 degrees. The crows are raising a ruckus, though. Maybe they didn't hear the weather report. Nice if it kept it a bit cooler because it's supposed to be triple digits.

If you are planning to be on the freeway take care as this bit of rain doesn't wash away the oil on the road it just make it slick.

Tales from the teardrop: out of gas

Here's a post I found floating around in my computer. I didn't seem to get it posted but it was part of our trials on the trip. Changing the part in the parking lot of the hotel wasn't the answer and it was that afternoon we came to a screeching halt in Gallup, NM.

Twelve miles from our hotel and in a hail/rain storm we came to a sputtering stop less than a mile to a gas station. Our last gas stop only offered a lower octane gas, which could have thrown off Dan's calculations but he did say he was trying to push it to our hotel. Remember, with the damn starter problem if we stop we have to wait a while to cool down and start up again.

The rain let up and Dan started off to the gas station; I stayed in the truck with the blinkers on, the hood up. It wasn't long before a Sheriff's car pulled up. I explained the problem and he wanted to know which direction so he could give him a lift back. Dan had a ride to the station, too, and with the Sheriff giving him a lift back, he was back quickly. The starter needed it's usual time to cool down but after a few minutes it fired and we were off.

Was I worried? Yes and no. It's not fun to be stuck by the side of the road where we were vulnerable to traffic but the lovely helpfulness of strangers was reassuring. My darling companion usually can take care of any car problem and then we do have the Super AAA card, if we need it; he is amazing. The next morning, not yet 6:00 am and he changed the starter hopefully eliminating that addition hour of wait each time we stop.

Do things like this ruin a vacation? Only if you let them.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After driving 2,400 plus miles looking at beautiful scenery such as these lovely red rock cliffs in Capital Reef NP I came home and decided it was time to paint, again. Sometimes I worry I don't paint enough and I'm trying very hard to find a school/teacher locally to give me better control to do what I want because I'm not happy with my skills these days. I have lots of inspiration just not much drive. Somehow I always find something else to keep me busy and out of the studio.

The Getty Underground, a show for docents and staff, will be in October so I do have a deadline now, if I only keep to it and don't procrastinate, again. My last work I gave to Dan's cousin who is trying to decorate her new house in Las Vegas. It was of the Canyon of Fire a beautiful State Park outside of Vegas that Dan and I visited last September. I was glad it was well received.

Just so you know the whole trip wasn't huge red rocks or beautiful canyons sometimes it was miles of looking through bugs on the windshield.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Loyality: where did it go?

With all the kafuffle about pro basketball player, LeBron James leaving his current team for the chance to play on a better franchise it brings the question of loyalty. It used to be you'd work for a company and stay there you're entire career and somewhat the same for a sports star. With the big salaries these guys get there doesn't seem to be much loyalty to anything anymore. Money, the lack or abundance of, seems to drive everything and even though I'd like to think I'd be loyal I know I'd do what was right for my family.

Let me say I know nothing of this player but at first, I thought he should stay in the town where he made a name for himself. Poor old Ohio could use the help anyway it could a get it. Unemployment and foreclosures are at an all time high and Cleveland is no exception. The Cavaliers bottom line will be hurt, that isn't even in question, but what about the community he grew up in? I wonder if he'll turn his back on them.

There should be no condemnation for James because he's looking for the best deal. Honestly, if he stayed with Cleveland and let's say got injured enough to cause any early retirement, how loyal would the Cavaliers be loyal to him and his family? What he should be loyal to is a the responsibility not pull up the ladder once he climbed out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello? Can you hear me?

After visiting my sister in Colorado I now realize, first hand, why we don't hear that much from her. It can be frustrating if you are used to communicating on the computer or cell phone and in their area you just never know what, or when, it will work. I wonder if they make some amplifier for WiFi reception that would help them.

Since my birthday was around the time of our visit she surprised me with one of her new creations, a turquoise necklace. It is very different and quite lovely. I wore it in Pueblo to rave reviews and I'll wear it today to the Getty Center. I'm working all of July and today is my first day back in 6 weeks. Yikes, hope I remember everything. If my camera worked I'd take a pix because it's great and she made it the perfect length. Nothing like having custom-made jewelry.

The photos were taken before my camera died and it was kind enough for me to get the last of them out of the camera so all my Colorado trip photos were saved.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Don't send me junk unless you've checked your facts

Q: Did Obama turn down foreign offers of assistance in cleaning up the Gulf oil spill? Did he refuse to waive Jones Act restrictions on foreign-flag vessels?

A: No to both questions. So far, offers from six foreign countries or entities have been accepted and only one offer has been rejected. Fifteen foreign-flag vessels are working on the cleanup, and none required a waiver.

So don't send me any more crap that says he turned down all assistance that was offered. All offers, except for a few, came with a serious price tag. Read the rest of what Fact Check has to say.


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Tomorrow is a day for traditions. For us, it's a party with friends, the guest list has grown and shrunk over the years. Children, once babies, have grown into teens. People come and go. Some have died but the tradition continues. We'll all wear our bathing suits and splash in the pool, eat picnic food, drink party drinks, catch up on other people's lives. Some people we see often, others, once a year. We'll tell funny stories from parties long ago, get sentimental over the people gone, and laugh with the new ones taking their place. We are creating a tradition for our children to continue long after we are gone.

What we won't do is forget that July 4th is a special celebration, Happy Birthday America. Whatever your tradition I hope it's one that makes you smile.

Baking with the Princess

With the 4th just a few days away I asked the Princess over to help me bake some cookies. She's always ready to pitch in, what a gal!

Update: the cookies were a spectacular hit.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Why is the real world so full of laundry?

Nothing brings you back to the real world after a vacation like a mountain of laundry. This was such a mountain I felt I needed a
Sherpa to get to the summit. Really now, what exactly is the benefit of clean clothes?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: AT$T

Having the iPad on our trip was fantastic , that is, when we were in AT$Ts supposedly 97% of the country. Most of the trip I wasn't on 3G but just E, whatever that is. All I know is it wasn't very fast. Now I'm back in LA county with better connection. I'm not saying it was impossible just a bit frustrating when I was looking for gas stations and the like.

Should I mention what some hotels call WiFi? Sure. What a joke, can't sign on or you need to be sitting in their office or use it in the middle of the night. The connection in the motel in Gallup was laughable and went back to the sketchy cellular connection. I'll be ever so glad to get back to my network and not have to pay anything. Well, anything extra.

Tales from the teardrop: just click your heals, Dorothy

We left Kingman at 7:00 and it was already hot. Must get moving to Needles then Barstow and home. I honestly can't say it was a bad trip because we saw and did almost everrything on my list. We were in five states other than California. We visited many National Parks. We saw family and friends and tested our patience with a few bumps in our road. I will say it again, there is no other person I'd rather be broke down a with than Dan, he's my hero.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Dixie National Forest
Capital Reef National Park
Arches National Park
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park