Friday, July 09, 2010

Loyality: where did it go?

With all the kafuffle about pro basketball player, LeBron James leaving his current team for the chance to play on a better franchise it brings the question of loyalty. It used to be you'd work for a company and stay there you're entire career and somewhat the same for a sports star. With the big salaries these guys get there doesn't seem to be much loyalty to anything anymore. Money, the lack or abundance of, seems to drive everything and even though I'd like to think I'd be loyal I know I'd do what was right for my family.

Let me say I know nothing of this player but at first, I thought he should stay in the town where he made a name for himself. Poor old Ohio could use the help anyway it could a get it. Unemployment and foreclosures are at an all time high and Cleveland is no exception. The Cavaliers bottom line will be hurt, that isn't even in question, but what about the community he grew up in? I wonder if he'll turn his back on them.

There should be no condemnation for James because he's looking for the best deal. Honestly, if he stayed with Cleveland and let's say got injured enough to cause any early retirement, how loyal would the Cavaliers be loyal to him and his family? What he should be loyal to is a the responsibility not pull up the ladder once he climbed out.

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  1. for God's sake Betty White asked him to stay..........I'm sad that he is a role model to young boys while setting a pretty bad example.