Thursday, October 30, 2008

His later years

Just in case you haven't gotten a costume for your pooch, yet. This made me do a "spit-take" with my morning tea.

Clever folks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reasons to vote for Obama

This country has got to get as far from George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and Tim Griffen as we possibly can. If you have the time just check out some of the dirty politics these folks have rained down on this country. Proud to be an American? Not until we get rid of this gang. I truly believe they could be tried as war criminals. And is we don't boot them out we are responsible.

Listen, I'm not stupid enough to think every thing either candidate promises will ever happen. So why vote for either one? Mc Cain changed his core values to become the nominee and will stop at nothing to get elected. Check this new smear ad from Mc Cain: A License to Kill.

Mc Cain was:
  • Big supporter of the War in Iraq
  • Broke with administration about war strategy
  • Lead charge against Abu Grabe Prision scandal and Rumsfeld (another war criminal)
  • Lead legislation to change policy on torture
  • Was against Bush's tax cuts
Because Mc Cain was determined to be president nominee he then:
  • Became supporter of Bush's tax cuts
  • Agreed with administration plan to let CIA use tougher interrogation techniques than the military
  • Hired Karl Rove's henchmen to run his final campaign. The very people who ran the smear campaign in the south when he was running against Bush for the Rep. nomination; the very same people
After all of the above, if you don't think John Mc Cain is tied to the current administration and their henchmen, I give up. I've tried and you might just deserve the horrible state this country will be in with another four years of the past coming up to bite us on the ass. Just wait, it will only get worse.

One of Obama's shinning qualities for me? He had many but he taught Constituinal Law, he knows the importance of the Consitution and possible won't use it as a desk blotter.

Fact Check, a great resource for correct information. Also a wonderful presentation on Frontline, The Choice.

Get out there and VOTE!

Monday, October 27, 2008

We're ready for our close-up, Mr DeMille

The Princess and her entourage and lil' Ethan and his fellow Bruins finally met. The arranged meeting took place on Saturday and the Pumpkin Patch never had so many photographers. There were pumpkins of all sizes, hay, and a few snacks. All in all everyone had a fine time. Thanks to the managers of the Patch, my sister and brother-outlaw, Mr and Mrs Doodles. Check their site for more snaps of the kiddies.

Next year there will be at least one additional tot. Princess' Auntie is with child and should add to the family in April. Seeing how big she is at five months we figure, boy or girl, the baby will be 24 inches at birth.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not all milk and cookies with grandma anymore

Let's hope the economy doesn't get this bad.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Not feeling unwanted here

As you know, I've just finished four and a half lovely months of Grand Jury duty, just finished. Yesterday I received a jury summons for my county court. I'm must be on a list somewhere. Lucky me I don't have to go until Dec 1 and I've never sat on a trial so let's see if my luck holds out. I was looking for something to do with my Fridays.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pilates: the Huns strike back

If you are a sedentary desk potato, such as myself, you most likely have not heard of Pilate's. Just to clarify the pronunciation; replace the "s" with a "z". It's an exercises regimen designed by a German in the early 20th century. Done correctly it uses slow deliberate body movements and controlled breathing to strenghten the bodies core muscles.

Slow exercising? Sounds like something I could do. I like slow. I have a body that could use core muscle tone. Why not? Boy, was I wrong. After one session at my local gym my muscles were reduced to a large quivering mass. Sliding behind the wheel to drive home was a challenge and I prayed I wouldn't have to use my arms for any quick defensive driving movements. Holy cat!

About half the class could keep up with each exercises with meant this stuff really works or they already were fit and just like to show off. Before the class a woman did a headstand while waiting. It must be some sort of stretch, and she could have just been showing off, but it was impressive. The other half was struggling like me so I felt right at home.

When I kissed my husband good night I warned him I might not be the same woman in the morning and I was right. This morning each step reminded me of how out of shape I'd gotten. This is after walking all summer, giving tours at the Getty Center, and two months of water aerobics. I have to hand it to this instructor, she's good. There were no muscles groups untouched by pain.

Will I go back? Sure, if one session can work the muscles that much there must be some benefit and who knows, I may be able to do a headstand next month. Yeah, right.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lights, camera; ACTION

Editor's note: This procedure has been postponed until next Tuesday, the 28th. I wonder if they know how disturbing this is to patients; getting all psyched up for nothing.

Dang, just when you thought it was safe and I'd gotten away from the doctors, mine reminded me I promised to have an Endoscopy this year. When I called to schedule they had an opening on Tuesday. Tuesday? Holy Cats, if I'd really needed something I wouldn't have gotten an appointment until next January.

Now the word, Endoscopy, sounds like it's going in, well, your end but thankfully it isn't. All I need do is don't eat after midnight and they'll poke a camera down my throat and into my stomach. Yuck, I don't even like going to the dentist for that reason; all that stuff in your mouth. I'll post the picture, maybe make them my holiday card if they aren't too gruesome.

For those concerned, I'm having this test so hopefully I can get off some medicine I've been taking. I think I'm healed but the doctor wants to actually have a "look-see"; his words, not mine.

Am I scared? Shoot, I've got money in the stock market what else could be so frightening.

Surgery on my elbow?

Not for now. I have been working on alternatives for my tennis elbow and though getting a cortisone shot does work, it really does nothing to correct the problem. If you'll remember, I said I was far from a believer in Acupuncture. I mean, really, part of the word is "puncture" for god's sake. The only other time I use "puncture" is to talk about something making my tire flat.

Pain makes us do odd things so I found a Acupuncturist and though I had doubts, gave him a try. My insurance, using some strange insurance wisdom, doesn't cover anything such as this. No, they'd rather spend thousands for surgery and then more on six weeks or so of therapy to help me get over the surgery. Where is the sense? After one visit to Dr. Needles and Pins I felt better and after three, I couldn't say I was cured, but I felt enough relief to cancel any plans for conventional surgery.

Why or how does it work? Hell if I know nor do I care if he'd held a dead chicken over me and set fire to something; I just know the morning after the first treatment I awoke with no swelling. No swelling. It had been swollen for months. Months of physical therapy, which was doing no good at all, and the insurance company will gladly pay for. Months of taking medicine for the pain. Months of ice.

Does it still hurt? Yes, it is stiff when I don't use it. I probably could have taken a few more treatments but felt the cost was prohibitive. Like I said, a little stiffness that can be rubbed out is not too much for me to handle. At some time will I go back? Yes. An emphatic, YES! If it gets bad again. For now, I'll wait. But I might have convinced my darling companion to have Dr Needles and Pins look at his back. Now that, would be amazing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Help a sister

My banner is pink this month to remind everyone the need for early detection for breast cancer. Check out the Susan B. Koman site for the facts. Our darling friend is fighting this horrible disease right now and our thoughts are always with her. Donations help but help yourself, too. Schedule your mammogram today.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tolerance trumps torture

This is a great ad; watch it.

Someone, please explain how the gay couple next door getting married will threaten my marriage. Don't we have bigger things to worry about? Maybe like getting this damn current administration out of office and possibly saving this country of ours?

When I think about what I want to leave future generations it would be tolerance over torture any day.

Editor's note: The couple next door are not gay. This was used as an example for a normal neighborhood. Actually, both neighbors are happily married with children something we want all our human friends to have a shot at, so vote No on Prop 8.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What to do on Fridays

Once a week for the past fifteen weeks I've been getting on the Metrolink and heading for downtown Los Angeles. Friday this was officially over. Oh, I can still get on the Metrolink and head downtown but the government wont subsidize the trip. I met some interesting people, learned some scary facts about the criminals in California, and had a near-life changing experience. All in all it was worth it. I paid attention to each case because I felt I was there to protect the citizen they were trying to take to trial. I hope I'm never on the other side.

Now, I have Fridays free to do what I want. Of course with the crappy economy I might want to go back to work. If I did I would find something on the train line because I still think it's the best way to go. We need to increase our ridership on public transportation where we can and it would be a second tragedy if people stopped riding because of the accident.

It's been a month since the wreck and I can't say I didn't think about it each time I boarded the train but people go on. Because our last court sessions were shorter I didn't have the opportunity to ride the 111 home and that worried me. Was I afraid? Friday I stayed with a friend from court and had a farewell lunch then walked to Union Station and caught the 111 home. It's good to know things about yourself.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Growing up

My chica was 18 when she left for college and pretty much never came back for any length at all. Oh, there was those few months when she started law school but found the commute too long and got an apartment close to campus. When this happens they transform into the greatest adults. It's like I have two daughters, one always in my memory and one as an adult friend I'm glad to know.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pull your head out, sir

Hindsight is looking back out through your keister.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wake up, folks it's time to decide

Tom Friedman, an author and journalist, has a new book out, Hot, Flat, and Crowded. This is about two problems, American's and the world's. I've read some of his articles in the NY Times and hear him interviewed, he's a regular on Imus. He said something that resonated with me about taxes.

If someone tells you they don't want any new taxes just remind them how many billions of dollars they pay now to foreign governments and that he'd rather pay taxes in the U.S. to go to schools, and technology and roads. We already pay through the nose in the form of gas prices to the Saudis and loans to China. While they get rich our country gets poorer.

We need an administration that actually wants change and we need it now more than any time in the past. Listen to Obama, hear what he has to say. If you agree we need to reduce health care costs, and help working middle-class families, and end this idiotic war in Iraq responsibly then vote for Obama.

Register and vote, there are 26 days left.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is it over; yet?

When you get a string of bad luck how do you know when it's over? Last week my darling companion was tripping over his string. First, his truck started backfiring and running real bad. Hmmm, no time right now, so he pulls out the '65 Mustang. Then, the Mustang has a problem. Isolating the problem, he finds a bad alternator. Fixes that. Next day, fixes truck. All cars; now running.

That evening we decide to go out to dinner. "Hey, I'm tired why don't you drive," he says. While driving to the restaurant, no more than two miles, all four of us in the car felt something "pop". I pulled to the curb, all got out for the inspection. Hmmm, no flat, on to dinner. When we got to our stop we noticed I'd run over a huge bolt and it was now firmly stuck in my rear tire. Next day off to Costco; two new tires.

Sunday evening, as I was cleaning up after a quite successful reception at our house, I flipped on the garbage disposal. Grind, grind, grind, nothing; smoke. Next day trip to Sears; new unit.

Monday my beloved had his second three month checkup for bladder cancer. With his current string of bad luck I was more nervous than normal. String broken; no cancer.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sending sweet notes

In 2006 we lost a wonderful lady and a good friend, Sue Christensen. For her birthday it is her family's request to honor her in some way. In the past, we've launched pink balloons skyward with birthday wishes but this October 3 was Friday and I knew I'd be in court down town LA. I racked my brain for someway to celebrate her special day and when walking through Olvera Street, on my way to the train, I found the perfect tribute.

Olvera Street has a few street musicians, wondering minstrels playing guitars. Actually they are old guys that have been there since I was a kid. They will take requests and I knew they always congregated at the corner restaurant by the plaza. On my way, I found a charming old guy with what looked like a home-made harp. He assured me he knew the song and started. Well, birthdays always draw a crowd and by the time he finished people were smiling and clapping.

Nothing better; happy birthday sung in English and Spanish played on a harp for an angel.