Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tennis anyone?

In February of this year I did something very stupid. Some believe I do stupid things just so I have fodder for this blog and I'm trying to deny this but these events just keep popping up. I've spent more time in therapy this year than a Hollywood starlet, and that will be the last time anyone compares me to a starlet, I promise.

So what's my new round of therapy for? My old elbow that I keep injuring. I did it a disservice when I couldn't use my right broken wrist and now am paying the price with a case of lateral epicondylitis flareup , which to some people is tennis elbow. After a particular nasty two weeks I finally got to see the Dr and he shot me full of cortisone which made me feel I want to go out and pitch 12 more innings and play Roger Federer a few sets. That stuff is amazing. Too bad you just can't order it up for all sorts of situations.

For the time being I feel great and every morning I wake, try my arm, and bless that Dr Needle for all this good work. Like every thing else this should wear off and I'll be back in the same situation and Dr Needle says I might have to go to Dr Knife which I'm trying to avoid because Dr Knife's real name is Mr Pain.

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