Friday, June 27, 2008

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

You know what also stays in Vegas? Your money,that's what but I don't plan to go crazy. I've gotten that gambling bug out of my system lately. Most likely because I do not have much of an income. Retiring early means two things, you're young enough to have fun and since you actually aren't old enough for Social Security you better have that fun on a budget. I'm not complaining because if I wanted more money I could, perish the thought, go back to work. I've been stashing a few bucks away every week so I can at least enjoy giving some money to the casino.

If anyone is looking for a desktop calendar for July they'll need to be patient. I've taken a leave of absence from this blog until July 1 and not sure if I'll even get one up then. Good news, I'm getting back with my watercolor teacher and should produce something in the next few months. It should be good to be back with my artsy friends, again.

So wish me luck, 31 black is my number and maybe I'll have a photo of Vegas for the July calendar.

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  1. you have an award awiting you upon your return.