Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesdays with Moon

Here I am again with "no gas Tuesday" and lots to do. I started out early though the temp will not be breaking records today it was reported to sneak into the upper 80s. It was only 78 when I started out this morning. I made three stops this morning and was only gone two hours. That's good even if I was driving my own car.

Walking in the morning, when it's cool, is very enjoyable. I enjoy the freedom of not wearing a coat or jacket. I do wear some sort of head protection as my poor old head sunburns something horrible. Right now it's a baseball cap but that gets a bit warm. I remove it as much as I can in the shade and think some sort of scarf might be an alternative.

There's a bus stop just a half-block from my door but I usually choose to walk to the one that's about two miles down the road. This morning I walked a bit farther to the shopping center, Target, Trader Joe's, and the sort, then got on the bus for my next errand. While waiting for the bus a photographer for a local "free" paper asked if she could take my photo for a story about increased bus participation. She also asked me a few questions about why I take the bus and being me, I told her all about my "no gas Tuesday" plan; she was surprised but pleased and snapped a few shots while I was boarding the bus. I hope she got my good side.

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  1. all your sides are good seester ;)