Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's crazy not to be cool!

While downtown last week I neglected to add this little tip on beating the heat. It was so frightfully hot I had to call short my trip to Pasadena.

In LA we have a some what efficient subway called the Metro; how original. Now this is by no means perfect but I've been a rider since it opened and I love it. I just wish it would go to the Westside or closer to me but hey, baby steps, we've only had a traffic problem since the 40s.

Where we do become original is in the names of the trains. Each Metro train is given a color designation and the train to Pasadena is named the Gold line. We also have Blue, Red, Purple, Green, and I can't imagine what would be next; the salmon pink or maybe taupe or how about the plaid line. It is LA, after all, and we are a rainbow of color here on the west coast.

We also have the Orange line which is a bus traveling in it's own roadway and only stops at a few stations. This has been a great success with only one drawback, cars can accidentally get into this roadway with some pretty serious accidents. If you read my sister's blog, she has an article from Dave Barry about Miami's famous bad drivers. If bad driving were an Olympic event Miami might just edge us out for the Gold but LA would most definitely be in the running for Silver.

Back to my new hint to beat the heat. With the temperature breaking into triple digits I found myself in the need to cool down. I'd been to Pasadena walking about and was now back at Union Station waiting for my train home. It would be at least an hour and a half in a crowded, non-air conditioned terminal and I was getting pretty dopey with the heat. I prompted me to get a big cup of ice and some soda to cool down. When I'd finished the soda I found munching on the ice was quite refreshing. I also found when I dropped a cube, quite by accident, down the front of my dress it was even better.

This turned into one of the ah ha moments--necessity being the Mother of Invention--I needed to cool down! Off to the Ladies Room to pack my foundation garments with sufficient ice chips to see me through the next hour. Boy, did that work. They slowly melted, made my dress a little damp, and with the slight breeze, cooled me down to somewhat normal temp. It was either that or soak my head in the sink, I needed to cool down, folks. Don't judge me.

Here are some rules to follow when trying this new method to stay cool.
  1. This might only work if you are wearing a dress.
  2. Always wear loose fitting clothes.
  3. Always wear a print, less likely to show the wet areas.
  4. Find a vendor that has ice in chips not big cubes.
  5. Don't really give a damn if people think you odd for putting ice down your cleavage.
Trust me, I was the most comfortable person in the terminal at that time except the woman with the shopping bag on her head, I bet it was wet.

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