Monday, June 23, 2008

Doing my civic duty

Los Angeles is in one of the nastiest heat waves I've seen in a while. It was 110 on my patio but I had the luck of going downtown where it was only 98; like a vacation in the Arctic.

To get to the court I can take a variety of different modes of transportation with my favorite being the Metro-link. The station had oodles of parking, is only fifteen minutes for my house, and when I get on it isn't too crowded. The train is air-conditioned with comfortable seats though the leg room must be a challenge for someone tall. There are four seats two facing front; two back so if you're paired with a tall person it could be uncomfortable. With Ipod plugged in I'm content to listen and close my eyes from time to time. If I have a seat mate wanting to talk I'll respond but I can take or leave the morning conversation.

The hour trip last week stretched into better than an hour and a half and this didn't surprise any of the regulars. Seems there was an entry door problem. Some wouldn't open; some did so I boarded the car that did. For me, problem solved. The conductor seemed to have some issues so he fussed for about ten minutes at each stop and that made us late. I'd really intended to have breakfast at Philippe's so no harm for me, I just switched my plans to lunch, which was quite tasty I might add.

The photo at the top of the page is one of lil bird's doggies, Max. You've seen him before. Him and his "brother" Multi are staying with us while the kids are on vacation. Max love to be in the middle of things and since he looked quite important sitting on my desk, not unlike the architectural lions outside some buildings, so he'll be my snap for this post.

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