Friday, December 22, 2006

Some people ... can be good

Ok, let's just file this one under Christmas Miracle.

Read my sister's blog.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy … fill in the blank

With the 25th approaching I've been trying to decide what we celebrate in our house. Not being religious folks we don't attend church anymore and I have to say not one of my family does either. I'm sure we are not that unusual because thinking about our circle of friends and neighbors I know of only one family that even attends services on a regular basis; there might be more. I did know someone that attended church and bible study with such fervor that I wrote her off. I guess I'm a heathen because she questioned everything I did.

Some of my older relatives do attend church and I know it gives them some solace in times of need but I guess I've lost that. My consolation comes from a call from my sister or a visit from a friend. The Catholic church was pretty crummy to my mom when she got a divorce and what with priests snagging little boys like they did and probably still do, I have no use for an organized religion.

So just what do we celebrate this time of year? I've given it a lot of thought and I'm sure there are more people standing on my side of the fence than care to admit. I celebrate a time to think of less fortunate folks and make it a time of giving and the time we spend together as family and friends. I celebrate that my family and friends, though not associated with a religion, are good, honest, and moral people. They are all these things for their own reasons and don't push any beliefs down my throat.

I also celebrate the bright shiny things of the Yule Tide, the warm feeling I get from seeing the lights and decorations. You see our mother/grandmother was a bit of an elf. Lorna decorated every square inch she could reach and I feel a bit of her soul each time I pass a Christmas tree or a pretty package or make a plate of "goodies" for the neighbors.

Today would be Lorna Georgianna's 84th birthday and if there is any time of the year I miss her more it's this time. Gone almost five years but still in all our hearts. Think of her next time you see some "eat at Joe's" blinking Christmas lights. Happy Birthday Momma.

So even if you don't believe in anything believe there are good honest people in this world and if you include yourself in this group, feel good about celebrating the joy of the winter holiday; it needs no name.

Here is a little something my sister sent. For your entertainment.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Frostie

Our neighbors like to decorate. For Halloween they have stuffed scarecrows and pumpkins and fake tombstones on the lawn so it goes without saying they'd do something for Christmas. I always thought the nativity was Jesus, Mary, and Joseph but there's Frostie the Snowman, with some idiotic grin, standing right next to Mary. I could see it if they had a small yard but they do have an homage to Santa Clause complete with bobbing head reindeer so why isn't the snowman standing in the secular section?

Somehow they've found the ugliest nativity scene on the planet. It's plastic and lit from inside and about one-third human scale. Over the years the colors have faded and for some reason Joseph is starting to look like an albino. The plastic is bad enough but the actual features of the three are hideous. Who modeled for this?

Don't forget My Online Red Kettle

Friday, December 08, 2006

Good or bad, it's a warm feeling

It is a lovely day here, 88 I think and the wind has died down a bit, well, enough for me to walk about a quarter of a mile to Von's. Damn if I didn't forget something my last trip out and just couldn't think of getting into the car again so I hoofed it; I can use the exercise and my car the rest.

Walking is a good time to see the sights in your neighborhood--oh I wish they'd left their shades down on that house--and to think, I was thinking of my Christmas shopping and what else I needed to do. I was almost done but I now need to buy presents for a family of five children. Our car club donates to charities and they needed some extra shoppers. I'm looking forward to this challenge as we have no little ones to buy for these days. I also need to do some final baking but it's too warm today to make peanut brittle.

Outside the Von's was my favorite bell-ringer, John. John lives nearby and this time of year he works for the Salvation Army. I always put something in his little red kettle if for no other reason than to have him smile at me. He's wheelchair bound but beams when someone walks by and always says, "thanks, luv and have a great day." John has a charming British accent and I've never seen him not smile.

Seeing John got me thinking about the Salvation Army so I had a look at their website when I got home. So techy they are, they have a virtual kettle and I signed up to be a host. My mom was a great volunteer and this is what she had to say about volunteering:

Volunteering is like wetting your pants in a dark suit, no one knows you've done it but it gives you a warm feeling.

I'd never ask for money here on my blog, other do but I do this for fun, not for a job, but I am asking you to take the time and plunk a buck or two in my kettle. It's not for me but for my neighbors and your neighbors and for that good warm feeling you'll get.

My Online Red Kettle

Thursday, December 07, 2006

News flash to holiday shoppers

If you are standing in a checkout line eventually someone will ask you for some method of payment so get your damn finger out of you nose and be ready.

Do you suppose people who wait until the clerk say, "That will be xxx." before they decide how to pay are expecting the clerk to say, "You're so damn ravishing today, why don't you just blink those baby blues and we'll call it even." I do believe some were just dropped from outer space and don't have a clue what to do.

Think ahead, ya morons! Wait these are the same people trying to cross six lanes of traffic because--oh oh, there's my exit--so I guess they've not given any thought to how this transaction will end. The fucking money won't escape open the wallet.

As you can see I've already lost what little holiday spirit I had.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm not asking to win the lotto, just for a little rain

The winds have calmed down this evening and that's gotta be better for the firefighters on the Moorpark fire. The fire raged in the strong winds on Sunday, darling husband saw smoke just west of us, but we knew little since we have no local TV coverage. My sister from Florida called to check on us, it made the network news.

Scary thing our California brush fires, they can spread in a moment fanned on by the horrible winds. Sixty-five mile per hour winds that shake the house and every atom in your body makes everyone a bit jumpy, including the dog.

We live in a small valley with dry hillsides nearby so every time the wind kicks up we think of the worst. 2003 was the closest it has come to the house in the 34 years we've lived here, too close for me. A serious water problem just waiting to happen and they still build more homes in the hillsides. I know, that's the price you pay for living here.

So everyone, let's think of rain. Not flooding gully-washers just little puddles in the street, maybe a bit of snow at higher elevations, but some moisture. A soft rain that washes the streets clean and waters the hillsides would be nice, but not at "drive time," we don't want accidents. We did invent the Sigalert in Los Angeles and it has something to do with us not knowing how to drive in inclement weather. Don't let anyone tell you different, Californios can't drive in the rain. It scares us, we have to phone someone, and then that's when the fun begins--red flashing lights and tow-trucks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yes Buddy, there is a Santa Claus

After the horrible wind last night this morning I tiptoed outside to see if there were any ruby red slippers in the yard and was relieved to see our house was still in Southern California and not OZ.

Next I gingerly opened the newspaper to see if I'd dreamed it and nope, it was true, UCLA beat USC yesterday and proved you can't discount the underdog. The Bruins didn't beat the crap out of the Trojans but they beat them enough. That was good enough for the fans. The true fans are our daughter and son-in-law because they are alumni, here is a great photo from the game, winners.

I will be honest, I wished for a win but didn't think they had a chance, what a fool I was not to believe. It proves if you want something bad enough you can make it happen and the football laddies did their team, their fans, and city proud.

Just one more thing before I go to bed tonight, I'll make my list for Santa.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I am from the planet Valdor, pee in this cup

Doctors intimidate me. I can't say why, maybe it's the tools they have and the fact they have to sterilize them. They also can make you do things you'd never choose to do on your own like peeing in a cup. I've never woke up in the morning and said, "Hey, before I eat or drink anything, why don't I just take a whiz in this mug." It must be some mind control.

Where else do we willingly strip down to our bare nothingness in a strangers house and wear a paper robe and not question what will be going on. I leave my socks on because it give me a false sense of security. If there is an emergency, and I have to run out, at least I have something on my feet. Please don't try to imagine me wearing my red socks and clutching a paper gown running down the hall it will keep you up nights.

Isn't it sort of creepy how they don't have a sense of humor? Lucky's the patient who's doctor can smile at a joke let alone say anything remotely humorous. It's like they aren't human or maybe they're alien. That sure would explain the colonoscopy procedure.

I'll be right back I've just gotten a desire to have someone stick me with a needle.