Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Frostie

Our neighbors like to decorate. For Halloween they have stuffed scarecrows and pumpkins and fake tombstones on the lawn so it goes without saying they'd do something for Christmas. I always thought the nativity was Jesus, Mary, and Joseph but there's Frostie the Snowman, with some idiotic grin, standing right next to Mary. I could see it if they had a small yard but they do have an homage to Santa Clause complete with bobbing head reindeer so why isn't the snowman standing in the secular section?

Somehow they've found the ugliest nativity scene on the planet. It's plastic and lit from inside and about one-third human scale. Over the years the colors have faded and for some reason Joseph is starting to look like an albino. The plastic is bad enough but the actual features of the three are hideous. Who modeled for this?

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