Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yes Buddy, there is a Santa Claus

After the horrible wind last night this morning I tiptoed outside to see if there were any ruby red slippers in the yard and was relieved to see our house was still in Southern California and not OZ.

Next I gingerly opened the newspaper to see if I'd dreamed it and nope, it was true, UCLA beat USC yesterday and proved you can't discount the underdog. The Bruins didn't beat the crap out of the Trojans but they beat them enough. That was good enough for the fans. The true fans are our daughter and son-in-law because they are alumni, here is a great photo from the game, winners.

I will be honest, I wished for a win but didn't think they had a chance, what a fool I was not to believe. It proves if you want something bad enough you can make it happen and the football laddies did their team, their fans, and city proud.

Just one more thing before I go to bed tonight, I'll make my list for Santa.

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  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Big deal, that and $3.45 and you can get a cup coffee.