Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy … fill in the blank

With the 25th approaching I've been trying to decide what we celebrate in our house. Not being religious folks we don't attend church anymore and I have to say not one of my family does either. I'm sure we are not that unusual because thinking about our circle of friends and neighbors I know of only one family that even attends services on a regular basis; there might be more. I did know someone that attended church and bible study with such fervor that I wrote her off. I guess I'm a heathen because she questioned everything I did.

Some of my older relatives do attend church and I know it gives them some solace in times of need but I guess I've lost that. My consolation comes from a call from my sister or a visit from a friend. The Catholic church was pretty crummy to my mom when she got a divorce and what with priests snagging little boys like they did and probably still do, I have no use for an organized religion.

So just what do we celebrate this time of year? I've given it a lot of thought and I'm sure there are more people standing on my side of the fence than care to admit. I celebrate a time to think of less fortunate folks and make it a time of giving and the time we spend together as family and friends. I celebrate that my family and friends, though not associated with a religion, are good, honest, and moral people. They are all these things for their own reasons and don't push any beliefs down my throat.

I also celebrate the bright shiny things of the Yule Tide, the warm feeling I get from seeing the lights and decorations. You see our mother/grandmother was a bit of an elf. Lorna decorated every square inch she could reach and I feel a bit of her soul each time I pass a Christmas tree or a pretty package or make a plate of "goodies" for the neighbors.

Today would be Lorna Georgianna's 84th birthday and if there is any time of the year I miss her more it's this time. Gone almost five years but still in all our hearts. Think of her next time you see some "eat at Joe's" blinking Christmas lights. Happy Birthday Momma.

So even if you don't believe in anything believe there are good honest people in this world and if you include yourself in this group, feel good about celebrating the joy of the winter holiday; it needs no name.

Here is a little something my sister sent. For your entertainment.

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