Monday, August 23, 2010

Colorado sunset

My sister is an accomplished photographer and posts on her photo blog, Imagine. From time to time I use her photos as inspiration. This time I tried to copy, as best I could, and I'm pleased with the result.

Here is the inspiration photo for this pastel. It has a very gloomy feel to it but that's not always bad.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DMB for more than a decade

Big update but not surprising. The concert last night had to be the best. They played past 11 pm, we wondered if they have to pay a fine, and they rocked the bowl.

It all started in 1998 when lil bird asked me to go to a concert with her. Oh, I'd heard of the Dave Matthews Band but never thought to go. My beloved was not a concert goer. So off we went to see my darling daughter's favorite band at the Los Angeles Forum. Really bad seats and the sound was not so good but the show was amazing. Toots and the Maytals were the opening act and we did have a great time though the Nazi's behind us wouldn't let us stand up.

Next year they played in Irvine and she had extra tickets so we took another friend. Unfortunately she had to sit on the grassy knoll but she didn't mind. It was a fantastic concert though the parking really sucks at that venue and I swore I'd never go back, and I haven't had to eat those words, yet.

2000 was Glen Helen Dark in San Bernardino and the first year lil bird bought tickets through the fan club. Front row. I was truly impressed. At a concert like this I felt conspicuously older but would feel better finding someone older than me there. So far I've always been able to since they have fans from all generations.

Now in '01 we went crazy. She saw them three times, me twice. Dodger Stadium on a Tuesday night and then Las Vegas on Wednesday. The Vegas concert, at Sam Boyd Stadium, was the best I'd ever heard them play and we had a great time. We flew to the concert, ate dinner on the strip then took the early morning flight home. I washed my feet in a casino restroom and slept on the floor in the Vegas airport. Life was good.

In 2003 I was in Bakersfield and lil bird called with a great opportunity to see them out of town, again. They were playing in SF, a charity concert and would I like tickets. Yes. We included our friend Tia from Tacoma and my son-in-law and made a weekend trip. The concert was fantastic and I cherish the live DVD of the concert. I think I can hear Tia and me screaming for Carlos Santana when he came on stage.

The concerts not mentioned all were equally good but do I need to bore you? No. Each concert was different with the common thread being we were enjoying it together. She usually gets more than one date and takes either her husband or some other, equally as lucky, fan.

2008 was equally memorable but for a different reason. It was at the Staples Center downtown LA and bought our t-shirts and such before we got seated. Someone was saying LeRoi Moore, their band member had died and a little while longer it was confirmed. They band went on as a tribute to their friend but it was a sad concert without his sweet jazzy sax and though Jeff Coffin is good, he just doesn't have the same 'Roi sound for me.

This long post brings us up to date but wait, there's more. Monday August 23, once again, my darling daughter will take me to see DMB. We'll be going to the Hollywood Bowl, a favorite of mine, and all the crowd and music and, most important; my night out with her. Hope I can spot someone older.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dolores, can I call Newt a putz?

My very good Jewish friend says I should not call anyone a "putz" because it is a very distasteful word, so I refrained from using the word but I have to call Gingrich out for his statement regarding the Islamic Center being built two miles from ground zero.

This is what the former House speaker and possible (just kill me now) 2012 presidential candidate had to say,

"Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in Washington … "

Let's just logically think this through, shall we?
  • Were there any Nazis that didn't follow, whole-heartedly, Hitler?
  • Are there any Nazis today that don't follow the Ayran Nation philosophy?
  • Are there any Nazis today that follow an altruistic form of religion?
  • Are there decent Islamic people in this country?
  • Were there Muslims that died on 9/11?
  • Are there Muslims in our military right now fighting in the Middle East for the American way of life?
  • Do they have the right to practice their religion here in these United States?
Newt, you can't cherry-pick the Bill of Rights for your own beliefs. They're for all of us, as hard as that might be for you to swallow, ALL.

Now, go home.

Oh, and you are a putz.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks Conejo Parks & Rec

Another great free concert in the park, Teresa James and the Rhythm Tramps what a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon; sitting in the shade of an old oak tree listening to live music with my beloved and his dog. I'm not sure we'll catch the Labor Day Concert, it's a Queen tribute band, yikes!