Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, momma

December 15, 1922 - February 5, 2002

This is my darling momma when she was high school aged. Sweet. Today she would have been 88. She is missed by friends and family alike and her daughters especially. She loved Christmas, she was "the Elf Herself" and decorated every inch of her small apartment.

Thanks to my sister for posting this great photo of her as I took it from her blog. She loved to laugh and cook and help others. Her frail health did not keep her down or keep her from helping others.

While shopping she found a new store that sold baked goods and candy. The owner was a young woman eager to make her business a success. When Lorna needed to give a gift, usually cookies, she'd make a "fancy" box to put them in. She told the young store owner she'd give her some boxes, no cost, because she enjoyed making them and they'd be a big hit with the customers. The woman loved the idea and Lorna even made a few envelopes to put with gift certificates. When momma died I was calling her list of friends and saw a name I didn't recognize. Calling it I explained who I was and was pleased to find out it was the owner of the small shop. She was very sad to hear of her death and assured me she'd not sell the last box because she'd love to keep it as a reminder of her.

You are missed.

Monday, December 06, 2010

A story about toys

So because that's what she really wants this year Dan and I ran out on November 1, the release date, and bought Toy Story 3 for the Princess. Pleased with ourselves we put it away. 

Last Friday I decided to wrap it because I had time. I did not have time to search every square inch of this house looking for it. Nor did I have time on Saturday but that's what I did. Dan said he couldn't remember where it was, either. I decided if I didn't find it Sunday morning I'd head back to Target and get another copy hoping they still had one. If we found it I'd take one back but I did not want a disappointed little Princess on Christmas.  

Sunday morning out early and as luck would have it another copy of the movie was purchased. Better safe than sorry. 
When Dan came home I'd told him about it, he walked into his office, and opened a drawer I'd already looked in. When he pulled out the movie it was obvious I didn't look deep enough. Sometimes a brain needs a little nudge.