Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Things I've never tried before

When we, a friend and I, were planning our trip to the Southern part of the US I thought I'd be eating all the typical local fare. My grandmother was a fantastic cook and make fried chicken, chicken fried steak, biscuits, and all smothered with gravy. Yeah, we got that and it was all terrific.

Here are two items I'd never had, boiled peanuts and Brunswick Stew. The peanuts look wet and soggy and had the texture of a cooked bean but were salty and a bit addictive.

The Brunswick Stew was an odd concoction of ground pork and chicken cooked with tomatoes and some corn kernels thrown in. Not a huge amount of flavor but not as horrible as it looked.

We tried both in a tiny old BBQ place in Macon, GA; Satterfield's. They were quite nice to us Yankees and when we said we'd never tried either brought a sample to the table. That was what stands out in my mind, how nice most people were in the South.

Not finding anything interesting in Macon we headed to Savannah.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Ten pounds of kisses

No dog could replace our Buddy but this one will fit in here just fine. Meet Sadie. She's a 3 1/2 year old, ten pound terrier mix and she's stolen our hearts.

A rescue of a rescue, her last owner had her for only three months. He was not physically able to handle a young dog. I'm not sure she ever had a walk but here she will get lots of leash time. We need to work on some easy commands like sit and stay.

She is very good in the car and that was a "must-have" as Dan will take her everywhere. Sadie has almost mastered the doggie door by herself. So many new things here. She's not such a good eater but we will give that some time. She's very friendly with humans and we'll work on the problems with other dog.

Dan is very taken with her and we hope she'll enjoy a long life with us. All our dogs lived into their old age here.