Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye our dear friend

Pets can be the best friends you'll ever have. Of course, they can also dig through the trash, eat books, or jump fences. Buddy was all of those things and more. He was Dan's constant companion while I was still working and my watchdog when Dan was away. Always willing to take a ride, or a walk, or a nap and if you had an extra french fry, oh he was your best friend.

Wednesday morning, while on their morning walk, Buddy was viciously attacked by a stray dog. He was bleeding from two wounds on his right side. We got him to the Vet, Dr Ron Animal Hospital in Simi Valley, and after x rays and exam were told his situation was very serious. Buddy was 15 years old, had a heart murmur, and is pretty much deaf and almost blind. Not a good candidate for surgery and the Vet was pretty sure the bites had punctured his intestines. With a heavy heart we told him to go ahead with the euthanasia. He did not need any more pain.

We can not say enough of the wonderful Vet, Dr Ron, and his great compassionate staff. They were wonderful and made the tough decision so much easier. He said we'd done the right thing and for a moment I wanted to try and save him but I knew in my heart it would not be good for my gentle friend. Even though it was difficult we said our goodbyes.

To the person who lets their dog run free, for whatever reason--shame on you--your dog has taken from us, in the most horrifying way, our darling little dog and brought sadness to friends and family.

To all our family and friends that have been so supportive, our love and thanks. See my sister and daughter's blog for their lovely sentiment about this great dog. Tombstone Tumbleweed and Maltese Parakeet.

Finally, to our little terrier Buddy, thank you for letting us be your caretakers for 15 years. We will miss you.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you all must have loved your little Buddy. Our pets just become such beloved members of our families.