Monday, April 04, 2011

A few days getaway

Sunset Faria Beach 3/30/11
The ocean was great and the weather better but the Beverly Hillbillies pulled in next to us with their double wide and blocked our view. Ah, we were planning to leave the next day anyway. When they fired off the generator the next morning and it backfired it sealed the deal. Their motor home, all of 35 feet, was in a spot better laid out for a tent but somehow they squeezed in. It just proves my law, "Just because you can squeeze in a size 12 that doesn't mean you should." Seems like that rule applies to more than clothes.

Sunset Faria Beach 2

Faria campground is nice but when it's full it's crowded. We are lucky we don't have to camp during the weekends so we packed up. We'll head back there for more during the week when it's peaceful and filled with seniors. My first choice is Rincon but we can't camp there with the teardrop and the truck doesn't like the trailer we usually use. Why can't we all get along?

The hundred-year-old-dog did pretty well but not being able to see makes his life more confusing especially someplace without all his familiar smells. His nose works fine and was never more evident than our lunch at the BBQ joint in Ventura. He could smell the meat smoking and when we got our sandwiches he let us know we weren't quick enough with his share. Nothing wrong with the sniffer.

The 3G worked on the iPad so we had some communication not that I'm gonna watch a movie but good to check up on e-mail and the like. AT$T was so spotty on our driving vacation to Pueblo, CO last year but Ventura seems to be part of their area with no problems. What did we do before computers?

So what's on the horizon? A trip north.

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