Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You should be safe at home

2 Dodger Fans Beat, Critically Injure Giants Fan « CBS Los Angeles

Cheering for your respective sports team is what makes the experience at a venue so much fun. I don't clap and scream at home, well, for the Dodgers but I'll scream at the top of my lungs in Chavez Ravine. It's fun to attend a game but it shouldn't be lethal.

Baseball is not a violent sport. Oh yeah, sometimes someone will slide into second, spikes up--trying to breakup a double play. A pitcher just might throw a bit to close to a batter but only to move him off the plate. So why do some people think they can beat someone near to death for cheering for another team? How do you get all amped up enough for something like the incident after the Dodger/Giants game? Can you blame it on the beer?

I've heard say if you cheer for the other team at Dodger's Stadium you'll get crap. Last year we were at a Giants/Dodger game with lots of Orange and Black in the seats around us and no one had a harsh word. Looks like we were just lucky to be there on a calm night.

There had to be people watching this fight because it takes forever to get all the people to their cars and out of the Ravine. Where are they? Hard to believe there aren't 50 cellphone videos of this floating around. Someone needs to come forward with some info because these two morons are not just stupid, they're dangerously stupid.

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