Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Get out of Purgitory free card

You'd think being retired I'd have this spic and span clean house. How wrong you'd be. My house cleaning consists of tidying up the kitchen and baths, making sure my dearly beloved has clean britches and dusting, if we have company. Of course when we have overnight guests I feel compelled to clean a bit more and since my family will be converging here in June I've been in Über clean mode.

Because I've gotten lazy I only do one or two chores a day then either walk, write for this and the PBE blogs or paint. I do spoil myself. Today's chores consisted in cleaning ceiling fans and the aluminium blinds in both front rooms. Yikes, what a boring job and if I were still associated with the Catholic Church I'm sure I would have offered up this time as penance for the poor souls in Purgatory. A product of some Catholic schooling, every boring job drags my mind back to Nuns making you feel no time is wasted when there are souls to push onto their final reward.

This sort of stuff all ways got me into trouble in school like the time I, quite seriously, asked the Nun if I could sort of "bank" some prayers for a few of my friends I know will need them once they die because they should be going straight to hell. Detention, Miss.

Something in the back of my mind say some recent Pope eliminated Purgatory a few years ago but I'm not sure. If this was changed I am sure everyone got the express into heaven just like when, during the the 60s, they eliminated the Friday penance of no meat. Says so somewhere in Canon Law, which, I might add, reads like some Californian ballot propositions. The church never does seem to get it's story right, Inquisitions, Indulgences, and Insolent Priests.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Under the Tuscan sun

When our dear friends visited Tuscany they brought back a lovely plate for our kitchen. It has all the wonderful colors of the kitchen and that is where it will hang but I couldn't resist a small, quick still life before it goes on the wall.

They also brought back some lovely photos so, even though I didn't travel to Italy, I can paint like I did. Only you and I will know this secret, shhhhhh.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hate the war; not the Warriors

Something stabbed me in the heart on Friday while waiting for our movie to start. No, not a heart attack though with all that butter-flavored-oil on the popcorn these days I'm surprised. It wasn't a tussle with another movie goer for a seat but a commercial. God how I hate paying so much to view a movie and seeing commercials but this one gave me a jolt. It was for the National Guard and although I know about the Guard this commercial put this Memorial Day in perspective for me.

When these Americans signed up for the Guard they signed to serve America, Federal or State. They are the ones who show up during floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes with the knowledge that in times of war, they will serve there as well. They signed up to protect us with the understanding we'd protect and take care of them.

It is unfortunate they are in a place, I feel, is not serving democracy like the current administration tells us but serving some other interest we'll find out at a later time. I don't hold all of us responsible for letting this happen, for not voting to change the administration when we had a chance just like I don't hold the soldier responsible for being in Iraq.

We can really thank them for their service by bringing them home.

A Million Thanks

Saturday, May 26, 2007

First in a kitchen flavor

Doing a kitchen theme is something I've always wanted to try. I've always been drawn, pardon the unplanned pun, to Cook's magazine, I've even framed two of their covers but wanted more of my kitchen palette. So here is a start. I hope the color looks better on a PC than it does on my Mac.

Comments or criticism always welcomed.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why the good mood?

Walking has become quite a joyful event for me these days. I try to attach my walks to saving gas by making one stop and lots of walking in between businesses but on occasion I just walk.

This morning's walk was quite relaxing and before I knew it I'd walked much farther than I usually do. I try to take my mind of how far and just enjoy the time. That seemed to be successful this morning because I noticed so many different nice things. No one tried to run me down in the crosswalk, two people smiled and answered my bright and cheery hello, and I watched a squirrel scamper across the park and up into a tree carrying what I assumed was a nut.

There is no other word for the way they move except scamper. They seem to bounce in between each step as if their front feet are tied together, as well as their hind feet, like some escaped mental patient gloriously ignoring the fact their feet don't move independently when they run. Walking is a different matter. They can scoot up the tree moving all four appendages.

Enough of small furry animals, I have to say I'm most likely in a good mood because today was our daughter's birthday and we'll just say, she's an adult and leave the age alone. We took her to lunch; she picked a nice restaurant across from her office. It's always a treat to see her in the middle of the week. So Happy Birthday, lil Bird and thanks for being such an important part of our lives.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's all about the Dinero

There is an e-mail being circulated now that shows the American flag upside down under a flag from Mexico. Snopes , my go to for anything controversial these days, had this to say about the incident that happened last year, by the way. High school students from neighboring high schools, angry with Montebello students for not joining in the walkout, took over the campus and re-hung the flags.

Was it wrong, yes. Does it mean this is the sentiment in the Hispanic community, no. The students guilty of the acts were punished and Montebello students now live with the accusations of their patriotism.

Immigration is a touchy subject right now, with no simple answer. We've looked the other way for years when it comes to hiring people for low-income jobs and now we want an quick fix. As long as people can get to this country and make a living they can't in their country, they will come, legal or not. And because everything is about the money, I'm sure what ever they come up with some fat-cat will make some more.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to get noticed in California

My birthday is coming up and I know what I want, an air-horn. I've been doing a lot of walking. Trying to get healthy and keeping green, I walk about six miles a week. I'm hoping to increase it to ten but not unless I get an air-horn.

Why would I need one? To honk at all you bastards trying to run me over in the crosswalk. In California the crosswalk is sacred, a safety zone for the foot traveler. That is the intent but there seems to be a lack of communication to drivers, especially phone-to-ear drivers. For the love of god, I'm a fat lady in the crosswalk, you couldn't see me? I've taken to wearing brightly colored clothes but I refuse to carry a flag, what I need is something to blast them back to reality. The reality being, "You're driving a f#$%ing car, get off the phone!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Gypsy Caravan is on it's way

WooHoo! My sister and her beloved and the Big Ass Truck are finally on the road and leaving Florida heading west. Their second night is in Pensacola but they will be in Ole Miss tomorrow. At least they are one time zone closer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Please stand behind the yellow line

Here I go, being Green, again. I'd like to challenge all my friends to one day a week to leave your damn foreign oil sucking machine in the garage/carport/impound lot so that we can really send a message to the damn sucking oil companies. This is getting more ridiculous.

Someone was excited about not buying gas on Thursday. That'll show 'em. Yeah, right if, you buy 10 gallons a week and don't buy it on one certain how is that showing them? Well we could buy from the independents. Just where do you think THEY get the gas. Just because his name is Akmid doesn't mean he has a direct line to the Saudi well. Brains people, we all have them we could exercise them and our own bodies by cutting down on the consumption.

I'm not asking anything drastic, just start small. Meeting friends? Car pool. Two or more errands, park and walk. What will it cost you? Time? Jeese, you've got a dozen modern time saving appliances, time shouldn't be an issue.

I've been investigating riding public transportation to the Getty Center, I'm volunteering twice this week so that means two trips to LA on the bus. I will be posting my results. Plus, I might get a funny story out of the whole adventure.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Never give up

This just proves if you are persistant you will prevail.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where is she?

I've been oh so terrible about posting here lately. I'm working furiously on my Getty Tour for the Central Garden and have been drawn into the WW Web. How easy to do. No Spiderman here but held against my will.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

One more, then I'll get back to work

This is a work in progress. Pastel is just too much fun for me now but I do have other things I've got to do, like clean the bathrooms and dust. Way too much dust in this part of the country, we oh, so need some rain. Since sister and her pit crew will be here in a few weeks I should get busy. Oh, maybe I'll do that after I work a bit more on this.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Are they here yet?

My sister and brother-out-law have been residents of the Blue Tarp State, Florida to those of you with short memories, and for the last year have been trying to escape and come West. Their success is eminent. They've sold the house, bought and taken possession of the Big Ass Truck and were supposed to have the fifth wheel on Friday. A glitch has them still waiting but this should be rectified this afternoon, then a few days to get it loaded and they'll become Road Gypsies.

It should take them about a month to get to our place, but only because they have plans to stop along the way. Seems like they will be traveling in style with the Big Ass Truck pulling a fine RV with comforts of home. I'm a bit envious of all the wonderful sites yet to be discovered but will be thrilled to see photos.

Her blog should be filled with interesting places they find themselves and will be fun for me to track their path. I can't wait to see the Gypsy Caravan pull up out front so until that time, are they here yet?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Having a pastel moment

Because watercolor is literally a pain in my neck I've changed to pastel. Here's my first two.