Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's all about the Dinero

There is an e-mail being circulated now that shows the American flag upside down under a flag from Mexico. Snopes , my go to for anything controversial these days, had this to say about the incident that happened last year, by the way. High school students from neighboring high schools, angry with Montebello students for not joining in the walkout, took over the campus and re-hung the flags.

Was it wrong, yes. Does it mean this is the sentiment in the Hispanic community, no. The students guilty of the acts were punished and Montebello students now live with the accusations of their patriotism.

Immigration is a touchy subject right now, with no simple answer. We've looked the other way for years when it comes to hiring people for low-income jobs and now we want an quick fix. As long as people can get to this country and make a living they can't in their country, they will come, legal or not. And because everything is about the money, I'm sure what ever they come up with some fat-cat will make some more.

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  1. if in fact the DOPES in Washington had handled this correctly in the first place all of this might not be going on. I am interested in having this conversation with my niece who knows a lot more about this than I do.