Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hate the war; not the Warriors

Something stabbed me in the heart on Friday while waiting for our movie to start. No, not a heart attack though with all that butter-flavored-oil on the popcorn these days I'm surprised. It wasn't a tussle with another movie goer for a seat but a commercial. God how I hate paying so much to view a movie and seeing commercials but this one gave me a jolt. It was for the National Guard and although I know about the Guard this commercial put this Memorial Day in perspective for me.

When these Americans signed up for the Guard they signed to serve America, Federal or State. They are the ones who show up during floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes with the knowledge that in times of war, they will serve there as well. They signed up to protect us with the understanding we'd protect and take care of them.

It is unfortunate they are in a place, I feel, is not serving democracy like the current administration tells us but serving some other interest we'll find out at a later time. I don't hold all of us responsible for letting this happen, for not voting to change the administration when we had a chance just like I don't hold the soldier responsible for being in Iraq.

We can really thank them for their service by bringing them home.

A Million Thanks

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