Saturday, May 26, 2007

First in a kitchen flavor

Doing a kitchen theme is something I've always wanted to try. I've always been drawn, pardon the unplanned pun, to Cook's magazine, I've even framed two of their covers but wanted more of my kitchen palette. So here is a start. I hope the color looks better on a PC than it does on my Mac.

Comments or criticism always welcomed.


  1. me it I git dibs on this one...please have a spot perfect for it to adorn the inside of Grace!

  2. OggieMamma (Becky)5:05 PM

    Okay, Doodle Bug, you can have this one, but anything your sis does pertaining to fruit is mine! I love the bright colors in these paintings. Seriously, it looks like a cover of "Cooks Illustrated"!

  3. I'm going to do lemons and limes next.