Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Please stand behind the yellow line

Here I go, being Green, again. I'd like to challenge all my friends to one day a week to leave your damn foreign oil sucking machine in the garage/carport/impound lot so that we can really send a message to the damn sucking oil companies. This is getting more ridiculous.

Someone was excited about not buying gas on Thursday. That'll show 'em. Yeah, right if, you buy 10 gallons a week and don't buy it on one certain how is that showing them? Well we could buy from the independents. Just where do you think THEY get the gas. Just because his name is Akmid doesn't mean he has a direct line to the Saudi well. Brains people, we all have them we could exercise them and our own bodies by cutting down on the consumption.

I'm not asking anything drastic, just start small. Meeting friends? Car pool. Two or more errands, park and walk. What will it cost you? Time? Jeese, you've got a dozen modern time saving appliances, time shouldn't be an issue.

I've been investigating riding public transportation to the Getty Center, I'm volunteering twice this week so that means two trips to LA on the bus. I will be posting my results. Plus, I might get a funny story out of the whole adventure.

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