Saturday, October 28, 2006

Falling leaves

Thursday, October 26, 2006

democratic with a small "d"

Relating to, or favoring democracy.

Ok, this is where I nag you to get off your duffs and vote. Remember, if you don't vote you have no business every complaining about anything. Can't even imagine not being able to voice my opinion.

There are some website to help you understand the propositions or if you have any questions about the candidates you can usually find something non-bias. Don't know who's representing you? Don't worry, most sites let you enter your 9-digit zip code and tell you who's who at the zoo.

Project Vote Smart
VoteCircle (good information on the props in California)

If you want information on the Democratics go to their website. Democratic Party. Not that I love all Democrats it's just I hate the current administration so much. If the Dems could just possibly get one of the six points they are talking about, I'd be a happy American.

In case you wanted to know, I favor democracy no matter how crazy it gets.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can this get anymore tragic?

Stay the course or not. It doesn't matter what they decide to call it our policy toward Iraq was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be f#$@ed up, world without end. Amen.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Do you trust me?

Last night we had some friends over for an early dinner, friends we haven't seen in a while for no other reason than we've all been busy. One was busy trying to die so it was a pleasure to have her sitting at our table once again. She's healthy and we plan to keep her that way for a long time. I've known too many lately to leave so this was a silent celebration for me to reaffirm life.

It was great to sit at the table and talk; I love to feed people. Well, that's half wrong, I love to cook and I had a few recipes I wanted to test so they were likely guinea pigs. I'm sure I'll get a post up on Peanut Butter Étouffee soon because some things worked and others, well another post.

A comment last night made me think a bit about this blog. I do, from time to time, mention friends and family here--they are part of my life--but do they feel this is an invasion of privacy? I try not to give names or really tell anything that shouldn't be public but would me having a blog keep them from confiding in me? I hope not. Maybe they've never thought of it either.

Originally, I created this journal to track our remodel last year, which I did, but decided to keep writing--yes, and ranting--a little longer. Maybe when I finish I can look back and get some insight into my own dark self. Not that I feel dark, it's just inside that tiny brain of mine there isn't much light. Oh, an occasional brilliant idea lights up the joint but those comings are further apart these days. No one pays me for brilliant ideas anymore. I'll let you know when I get the next one.

So will I write about friends here? Should it matter, I do have a few regular readers? I think yes, if you do something I think is hilarious it will get a post, but personal matter, I don't think so, those are for my memoirs.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

No one is at fault, just an observation

I'm enjoying my drawing class more than watercolor. Drawing is so much easier, it's comfortable, not a stretch, while the watercolor makes me frustrated. There is some part of me that feels I need the discipline of the watercolor because I always take the easy path but that's odd. Why the hell would I choose discipline at this time of my life when I've never chosen it before.

I have the same teacher for both and it was strange, she didn't really take me seriously until I took the drawing class. I'm still the same dedicated person but when she saw I could draw it was if I'd earned my credentials. Nothing comes automatic. Why does respect only come after accomplishment? I'm just as guilty, we all are. You are only as good as …

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I did it!

Some might know I'm a docent at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. I've be there since 2000 and although I adore my volunteer job inside, I've always wanted the opportunity to give an architecture tour. Last year, when it was so busy during the holidays, a panic-filled docent asked if I could help with her tour group, she had sixty visitors. I was sad to say I couldn't and felt bad about not being able to pitch in. I'm a team player.

This past June I was granted my wish when another docent and myself were allowed to prepare a tour. We worked together with the help of our "boss", she was so kind to give us individual help, and while I was on vacation Lorrie, my partner, gave her tour. Her's was great, she said and knew I'd do well. We'll see.

Yesterday was my turn. I wasn't nervous but excited when I realized I was on the schedule. I walked out to meet my group with confidence, and a special love of the joint, so how could I fail. There were fourteen visitors waiting and before we moved to the first stop five more jumped in.

What wonderful people they were and asked intelligent questions about what I was telling them. They all stayed with me until the end, I've a short tour, and gave me a standing ovation. The standing wasn't the important part but the applause sure made me feel good.

Now that I'm trained I'll be able to help more with the crowds that come during the holidays, we are a destination for many tourists. Now I really feel part of the team.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Everyone loves their Teddy

I've not been posting much here lately because I just am not happy. Seems like Death is making an appearance way too often in my little corner of the world. This year I've lost two uncles, a good friend's mother and now another long time friend. Someone please, have a baby!

My life is such that I have a lot to be thankful for and knowing all these people has been sweet but boy, when you start losing friends it does make you think of your own mortality. Put your affairs in order, think about what needs to be done or said, things like that. Life is short. Sounds trite but it is.

Teddy was a nice guy and he always said I was beautiful. That would make me laughed and I'd reminded him he was blind, which legally he was, but he was sweet to say it anyway. Teddy was the poster child for what you shouldn't do when you were diabetic and he paid the price--but he did live life on his own terms.

When our little doggy Sheba would bark at him I told him it was because she was afraid of tall people and he'd lay on the floor so not to scare her, he was that kind of guy.

We'll miss you Theodore.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is there an "L" in embarrass?

Having worked with the printed word I can feel for these poor folks. Typos can bring an editor to their knees and I don't care how many times it is proofed Public will become Pubic once in your career. I was lucky enough to have it on a cover in 72pt bold.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baseball; strike two

Strike One: No joy in Mudville; Dodgers couldn't beat the Mets

I've always liked baseball from my first time watching the Dodgers play in the Los Angeles coliseum to the last Saturday night's heartbreaking defeat to the Mets. They played in the coliseum because Chavez Ravine wasn't Dodger's Stadium, yet.

Baseball is not for everyone. You have to enjoy the slow pace of the game to understand the nuances. I love the slow pace but the techie side of me loves the Tivo. It does help with all those nasty commercials.

Strike Two: Baseball pioneer Buck O'Neil dies at 92

Somehow he did not get elected into Baseball's Hall of Fame; missed by one vote. That was a pity because just listening to Buck talk about baseball you couldn't help but love the game, no matter your color. He spoke with reverence about the "good old days" and he had a right to, he was part of them. One vote shy I guess they felt he could wait another year.

Strike Three: That would be if O'Neil wasn't on the top of the next list for Cooperstown.

What about the baseball? Oh I'll watch it right down to the last pitch, someone has to root against the Mets. And next year, the boys in blue will do it next year.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cease and desists

On-line banking has been the way I deal with bills for a long time and about two years ago I talked my darling husband into letting me pay all the household bills that way, too. It is so easy to schedule payments in case you are out of town.

Yesterday I received a letter from the trash company and they'd like me NOT to send them any more money. Somehow I'd gotten it in my mind to pay for our rubbish collection every month and had been doing so for two years. I now have a credit because they bill bi-monthly and won't have to pay for a year. At first I wondered why I wasn't getting an electronic bill but since I had no other communication from the company I forgot about it. Now I've got to remember to start paying again next year.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do you use a broken pencil?

I know when something is broken.
A glass doesn't hold water,
a leg doesn't support you,
a building falls down.

A country doesn't protect children.

By the way, that includes children here and in other countries we are suppose to help become free.

Do not forget to vote in November.

You have the power to fix broken things.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

She was pretty in pink

In May 2006 we lost a dear friend, Sue Christensen and in honor of her birthday her family asked everyone to remember her fondly, which we do, and to send off a pink helium balloon in her honor.

So here is darling husband with our two balloons, her name and birthdate attached.

We watched as they floated skyward and wished the dear little woman, Happy Birthday. She had many happy returns because she'd touched so many people.

Hope ya liked them, Sue.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The district

Everything seems to be on a different scale in DC--definitely larger--as if made for giants and we happened upon it.

We did not drive in the District but stayed in Falls Church west of the Capital and took the Orange Line Metro in every day. It's clean and mostly on-time and I never once felt un-safe but we did not ride at night. Hell, we were too tired to stay longer than eight hours. We dragged our sorry California asses home with the rest of the commuters.

Since we did some traveling at rush-hour I did find myself standing closer to my fellow Americans than I had ever done before. You could tell the tourists, we were saying, "Oh, excuse me," when we bumped into someone. Most of the commuters had what Dan called, "the thousand yard stare" and some how, they slept on the train. It was a "people-watchers" convention for the price of a ticket.

This is part of the Lincoln Memorial one of my must sees. Some where, in my archives, is a picture of me, sister, mom and dad here on the steps. I was in a stroller so I can't say I remember anything, I just remember the photo.

The view is great, you look over the reflection pool to the Washington monument. While we were at this end we saw the Viet Nam Wall and the Korean War Memorial. Both moving tributes to our lost soldiers. Between the pool and the Washington monument is the new WWII Memorial. It is huge and I have to be honest, not as impressive as others. It's just big, that's all.

With so many museums it was like paradise for me and I indulged myself for four days. The Smithsonian has so many and then there are the National Galleries. Not enough time.

Air and Space, that was on Dan's must-see list.
Hirshhorn, Modern Art
Freer, Asian Art
American Art and Portrait Galleries
National Archives
National Gallery
Native American Museum
Botanical Garden
National Sculpture Garden

There were things I'd like to have seen but ran out of time. What did I regret not seeing? The American History Museum was closed for renovation. Both Dan and I would have loved that one. We never got over to the Roosevelt Memorial either and they say that one is special. We did not spend time going through the Capital nor the White House. Didn't care must for the current occupants. Would have gone to the see the Supremes but they weren't in session.

Would I go back again? In a heartbeat, there is such an energy in that city, everyone moving with a purpose while the tourists just mosey around them. I liked that.