Thursday, October 19, 2006

I did it!

Some might know I'm a docent at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. I've be there since 2000 and although I adore my volunteer job inside, I've always wanted the opportunity to give an architecture tour. Last year, when it was so busy during the holidays, a panic-filled docent asked if I could help with her tour group, she had sixty visitors. I was sad to say I couldn't and felt bad about not being able to pitch in. I'm a team player.

This past June I was granted my wish when another docent and myself were allowed to prepare a tour. We worked together with the help of our "boss", she was so kind to give us individual help, and while I was on vacation Lorrie, my partner, gave her tour. Her's was great, she said and knew I'd do well. We'll see.

Yesterday was my turn. I wasn't nervous but excited when I realized I was on the schedule. I walked out to meet my group with confidence, and a special love of the joint, so how could I fail. There were fourteen visitors waiting and before we moved to the first stop five more jumped in.

What wonderful people they were and asked intelligent questions about what I was telling them. They all stayed with me until the end, I've a short tour, and gave me a standing ovation. The standing wasn't the important part but the applause sure made me feel good.

Now that I'm trained I'll be able to help more with the crowds that come during the holidays, we are a destination for many tourists. Now I really feel part of the team.


  1. you go girl! i'm so happy for you! i wish we could have been there to heckle you! j/k!

  2. Congratulations! Well done.