Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baseball; strike two

Strike One: No joy in Mudville; Dodgers couldn't beat the Mets

I've always liked baseball from my first time watching the Dodgers play in the Los Angeles coliseum to the last Saturday night's heartbreaking defeat to the Mets. They played in the coliseum because Chavez Ravine wasn't Dodger's Stadium, yet.

Baseball is not for everyone. You have to enjoy the slow pace of the game to understand the nuances. I love the slow pace but the techie side of me loves the Tivo. It does help with all those nasty commercials.

Strike Two: Baseball pioneer Buck O'Neil dies at 92

Somehow he did not get elected into Baseball's Hall of Fame; missed by one vote. That was a pity because just listening to Buck talk about baseball you couldn't help but love the game, no matter your color. He spoke with reverence about the "good old days" and he had a right to, he was part of them. One vote shy I guess they felt he could wait another year.

Strike Three: That would be if O'Neil wasn't on the top of the next list for Cooperstown.

What about the baseball? Oh I'll watch it right down to the last pitch, someone has to root against the Mets. And next year, the boys in blue will do it next year.

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