Thursday, October 26, 2006

democratic with a small "d"

Relating to, or favoring democracy.

Ok, this is where I nag you to get off your duffs and vote. Remember, if you don't vote you have no business every complaining about anything. Can't even imagine not being able to voice my opinion.

There are some website to help you understand the propositions or if you have any questions about the candidates you can usually find something non-bias. Don't know who's representing you? Don't worry, most sites let you enter your 9-digit zip code and tell you who's who at the zoo.

Project Vote Smart
VoteCircle (good information on the props in California)

If you want information on the Democratics go to their website. Democratic Party. Not that I love all Democrats it's just I hate the current administration so much. If the Dems could just possibly get one of the six points they are talking about, I'd be a happy American.

In case you wanted to know, I favor democracy no matter how crazy it gets.

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