Monday, May 15, 2006

A sweet and sour Mother's Day

While in Indiana we lost another part of our extended family, our dear little woman Grandma Sue. The memorial service was on Saturday and darling husband, little bird with husband, and myself attended. I'm still sick from my trip and felt I was contaminating the whole of Southern California but the relationship with this part of our extended family would not let me miss the service though I passed on the after gathering.

Sue was a sweet little Scottish-Canadian woman with a smile much bigger than her actual body. It was very reassuring to have so many people stand up and say a few words at the service. She had many friends and a loving family and she will not be forgotten.

Having a mother prepares you for life and loosing yours prepares you for what's after. We lost our own mother Lorna in '02. I'll add Sue to my list of angels.

Mother's Day

Little bird came back home after the gathering and spent the night getting up the next morning to make the "healing" Mother's Day brunch. I awoke to sausages, biscuits, and eggs and potatoes being cooked in my kitchen and loved every bite. They even cleaned the kitchen but I made a mental note to check the whereabouts of my iron skillet when she left later that day. It was my mom's skillet--more than forty-years-old--and is seasoned to perfection. I promised she wouldn't have to wait until I die just until I can't cook anymore.

So, a belated Happy Mother's Day to all and blessing on all our mothers no matter where they are.


  1. OK if that wasn't enough to beg to the real estate gods to sell our home and be closer to my family...thanks moon I was very touched by your words.

  2. That does make for a bittersweet mother's day. At least you have the strength of character to acknowledge the good in the situation.