Monday, May 29, 2006

Ok, Indiana had some beauty after all

Everything has one redeeming quality and it seems Indiana has flowers. They have birds, too but I still have not seen a cardinal in the wild. For gods sakes, it's their state bird and I never saw one single red feather.

I have to admit there were some highlights to the Indiana trip. We did get to see some lovely flowers but I can't believe I didn't take any photos of the lilacs. They grew like weeds on the side of the road. I photographed this bromeliad at the White River Gardens in Indianapolis. It has tiny flowers growing in the center. Inside the conservatory they also had butterflies. I think sister Weed has a great photo of a huge butterfly, couldn't tell you the name but it was impressive.

We found tulips in Ft Wayne at Foster Park but we barely caught them. One more day or so and they'd be gone. The park is beautifully maintained and had a walkway lined with lilacs.

This is the about the only dogwood in bloom. The farther south we headed the less we saw. It was raining the last afternoon in Indy so we missed seeing the gardens at the Museum of Art. The highlight of IMA was seeing a piece by Bill Viola. He was a Getty Scholar a few years back with a great exhibit so that was a happy surprise.


  1. gosh those pics look nice........good job. bill viola I came home and bookmarked his site. He is just incredible. And to see that many pices of Dale Chihuly was a thrill for me.

  2. Nice to see some flowers! Settling into winter here so colourful blooms are getting few and far between. Thank god for blogs.

  3. Being as ego-centric as I am I forget about the opposite hemi. California winters are so mild I forget how dull winter can be for some. I'll try to post flowers all summer for you other latitudes but only if you post bbq pix in the winter.