Thursday, May 18, 2006

Second hand Rose

There are lots of benefits of second hand furniture, clothes, or even relationships but second hand smoke, it's a killer. I learned about this first hand with my visit to Indiana. First let me say I'm sure everyone smokes in that state, they don't stay in school--three out of ten students don't finish high school--but they somehow learned to smoke. They smoke in every public place and I won't even deal with the private ones because those are populated with my relatives.

Listen, I've heard every rebuttal to second hand smoke and until I experienced it on a personal basis, I didn't really care. But this made me sick, really sick, doctor visit sick so now I'm mad.

I couldn't care less if the smoker gets cancer, that's their decision but if you work in a bar or restaurant that allows smoking and you need your job then you should have a right to a smoke-free environment. If you are a child that can't speak up for themselves then you need smarter parents and a smoke-free environment. If you are a friend or relative you need real friends and relatives that are aware of the poison they are spewing.

So you want to smoke? Go ahead, lock yourself in a little room and smoke until everything in it turns brown with the nicotine including you lungs but stay the hell away from me.

Whew, that made, me feel almost as good as the antibiotics I've had to take to clear up this second hand smoke infection.

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