Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bobby, we hardly knew ye

If you wonder why some Baby Boomers are cynical just remember what we've been through. The answer to the 60s seemed to have been assassination
  • John Kennedy-November 1963
  • Martin Luther King-April 1968
  • Bobby Kennedy-June 1968
Don't forget to throw in Cuba, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War. The 60s was a hideous decade; there was always some sort of conflict. How we treated minorities, women, and the soldiers returning from a war. No wonder Tune in, Turn on, and Drop Out was popular. It was depressing just to turn on the news and listen to the body count.

Bobby Kennedy gave some of us hope that we could pull out of the 60s with him being elected president. On June 5th that hope was changed into one more violent static of that decade when he was shot and killed. The news of this was just one more numbing event of the 60s. The only thing good about the 60s was the music.

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