Monday, July 24, 2006

She shoots; she scores

My elbow has been just cranky for the past few weeks. Darling husband says I slug him during the night when he snores but I doubt it would give me this much trouble. Jeeze, I've been slugging him for years.

So off to the Dr and I was sure it would be a long-expensive-xray-filled visit but it wasn't. He looked and twisted and poked and said I had tennis elbow which is interesting because that's the closest I'd come to playing a sport since I played Foosball in a bar.

He did have a suggestion: wear this tight little band below the elbow and it keeps the tendon from irritating the joint. I was a bit skeptical but thought I'd at least give it a week or so and to my utter amazement, the damn thing seems to work. I can't say I'm cured but I could actually lift a grocery bad with my left hand something that yesterday would have made me grimace with pain.

This guy impressed me. Not only did he have an answer for my pain, he didn't prescribe pain medication or run a bunch of tests and the brace cost all of fifteen buck.

And to boot, I've got a new sport, tennis. Who's to know.

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  1. so where do I send my bill? Hello I told you it would work if in fact that's what it was and I diagnosed it ov er the phone chica ;0