Monday, July 17, 2006

Buy American, bye-bye

It is way too hot to do much of anything so last Friday darling husband and I went to the movies. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest had been out for a while so we hoped for no long lines or screaming kiddies. We were right on both wishes and got there just as the opening credits started.

Not that I've paid much attention in the past, and can't say why I did this time, but in the opening of this Disney film they played "When you wish upon a star" while the Disney Pictures logo, the Magic Castle, glitters on the screen. I could be wrong but it seems that was the way the "Wonderful World of Disney," a television program from my childhood, started. For an all to brief moment I felt very happy, secure and in my jammies waiting for the Adventures of the Swamp Fox or Davy Crockett. No global-warming-war-in-iraq-current-administration angst; just a fifty year old memory of better times.

Don't you wish you could carry a bit of that in your pocket to pull out and dab on when you encounter stress?

Take that you Cheney; now get back into my closet or at least under the bed.

Stay away you oil executives; slide back in your hole where you belong.

Disappear Ford Motor Company; you bastards won't even invest in your own damn country.

Oh, and the President said "shit" today. I feel the magic, don't you?

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