Sunday, July 16, 2006

DC dilemma

Darling husband and I are taking a trip to our nation's capital in September. We are both excited to go to the Smithsonian and I was told if you contact your senators or representative you could get passes to see Congress in session or tickets for tours of the Supreme Court and the like.

Ok, here's my problem. I think my representative is a goofball. How can I write and ask for anything because I already write him when I think he's done something stupid. You think my name will pop up in a "don't give this liberal jack … " list? I think it will.

There's always my senators Diane and Barbara but I've not been too thrilled with them lately and there was this one letter I wrote after Katrina. I'm sure they won't have remembered, right?

1 comment:

  1. well having worked for a Senator many moons ago, your assumption is correct. Especially now with sophisticated databases. But having said all that I would go ahead and write to all of them with your request because the majority of them are short attention span dopes and odds are you'll get your request granted.