Friday, July 07, 2006

Dreamland has no zipcode

The other morning my sister in Florida called and woke me and while talking to her I staggered to the kitchen to make my morning tea. I still had the remnants of sleep to get rid of but when she said the word "dream" it triggered my memory.

"I dreamed you sold your house," I shouted.

Dreams are so fleeting for me. I read an article on how to remember your dreams but it was no help to me. They say if you want to remember you need to make a note the moment you wake, don't even sit up and don't think of anything else. My problem is I wake up and all I think of is "full bladder" and as soon as I flush the dream is gone except for silly little shreds that don't make much sense.

She stopped her story and asked me for details. Oh, do you think I could remember? No, I'd flushed since then.

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  1. OK another dream like that and I want's the question tho do you dream when you nap? That's where I'm headed