Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hail Cesar Millan

If you've seen National Geographic's TV program The Dog Whisperer I'm sure you've wondered if Cesar's technique could work magic on say, your kids, spouse, or boss. I'm here to tell you my friend Teresa has perfected something close.

At a party last weekend I was talking with Bobby, her husband and somehow we got on the topic of the Dog Whisperer and how it was Teresa's favorite show. With the conversations still going on, somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking, they don't have a dog, do they? We were interrupted by Teresa.

"Bobby, come in the house I want to show you something."

"Not now," he said.

"Yes, now, I want you to see this."


She uttered the now famous "shhhhht" that Cesar uses on unruly dogs and he quietly got up to follow her.

"I love Cesar," she said, "see it even works on husbands."

It wouldn't work for me, my spouse would just stare at me and walk away, not unlike the dog.


  1. well I know what my spouse would do and/or say...........don't think I should type that here.
    Not that this is anything angainst Bobby but I wish he would try it on Teresa.

  2. ya know I was just thinkin........does Caesar do cats???

  3. That would have to be the Frustrated Cat Screamer because cats never listen.