Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reasons to vote for Obama

This country has got to get as far from George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and Tim Griffen as we possibly can. If you have the time just check out some of the dirty politics these folks have rained down on this country. Proud to be an American? Not until we get rid of this gang. I truly believe they could be tried as war criminals. And is we don't boot them out we are responsible.

Listen, I'm not stupid enough to think every thing either candidate promises will ever happen. So why vote for either one? Mc Cain changed his core values to become the nominee and will stop at nothing to get elected. Check this new smear ad from Mc Cain: A License to Kill.

Mc Cain was:
  • Big supporter of the War in Iraq
  • Broke with administration about war strategy
  • Lead charge against Abu Grabe Prision scandal and Rumsfeld (another war criminal)
  • Lead legislation to change policy on torture
  • Was against Bush's tax cuts
Because Mc Cain was determined to be president nominee he then:
  • Became supporter of Bush's tax cuts
  • Agreed with administration plan to let CIA use tougher interrogation techniques than the military
  • Hired Karl Rove's henchmen to run his final campaign. The very people who ran the smear campaign in the south when he was running against Bush for the Rep. nomination; the very same people
After all of the above, if you don't think John Mc Cain is tied to the current administration and their henchmen, I give up. I've tried and you might just deserve the horrible state this country will be in with another four years of the past coming up to bite us on the ass. Just wait, it will only get worse.

One of Obama's shinning qualities for me? He had many but he taught Constituinal Law, he knows the importance of the Consitution and possible won't use it as a desk blotter.

Fact Check, a great resource for correct information. Also a wonderful presentation on Frontline, The Choice.

Get out there and VOTE!

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