Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is it over; yet?

When you get a string of bad luck how do you know when it's over? Last week my darling companion was tripping over his string. First, his truck started backfiring and running real bad. Hmmm, no time right now, so he pulls out the '65 Mustang. Then, the Mustang has a problem. Isolating the problem, he finds a bad alternator. Fixes that. Next day, fixes truck. All cars; now running.

That evening we decide to go out to dinner. "Hey, I'm tired why don't you drive," he says. While driving to the restaurant, no more than two miles, all four of us in the car felt something "pop". I pulled to the curb, all got out for the inspection. Hmmm, no flat, on to dinner. When we got to our stop we noticed I'd run over a huge bolt and it was now firmly stuck in my rear tire. Next day off to Costco; two new tires.

Sunday evening, as I was cleaning up after a quite successful reception at our house, I flipped on the garbage disposal. Grind, grind, grind, nothing; smoke. Next day trip to Sears; new unit.

Monday my beloved had his second three month checkup for bladder cancer. With his current string of bad luck I was more nervous than normal. String broken; no cancer.

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  1. i thought the garbage disposal was especially powerful on sunday