Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wake up and smell your money burning

Since I seem to have a tenuous grip on reality right now, let's talk politics. First, this is a nasty-assed campaign. We all knew that but throw in a financial catastrophe, such as bailing out AIG, and you have more mud being slapped around than Hurricane Ike. All I gotta say is anything but four more years of the Bush/Cheney regime and that includes McCain.

This is how bad John McCain wants to be president. He hired the same monkeys responsible for smearing his family in the 2000 election. Then, in 2004, there was this moment when McCain must have gotten the "kiss". It's ok, pardner, we'll take care of you in four years, your time is coming.

Now look at the big mess with big businesses. These fat cats have been on easy street for the last eight years and now we're going to bail them out? What about the money they raped from their respective companies in obscene bonuses? What about McCain's financial advisers? Carly Fiorina, when she was booted from Hewlet Packard, after a brutal five year stint, she left with 21 million and stock options. Twenty one million? Does this seem right?

Wake up, folks. McCain is a particularly suspect Republican. He opposed the Bush tax cuts. He has admitted that the economy isn't his strong suit. He's doesn't have an instinctive grasp of how to talk about many of the biggest economic issues. So he's chosen Fiornina to answer for him.

Project Vote Smart is a great website even if you only use it to find who your elected official is in Congress and contact them. Don't know who represents you? Click this link, find your lying fat-bastard in Washington, and send them a note.

When Clinton left office we had money. Read I'm sure it wasn't as much as they said but the answer to both these questions:
  • During the Clinton administration was the federal budget balanced?
  • Was the federal deficit erased?
That would be a resounding, YES.

In the almost eight years since is your financial position as secure as it was?

What about a draining, unnecessary war that will continue until your children are paying for it, is that working for ya?

If not, get your monkey-ass out there and vote.

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