Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I gotta ask

What goes through a man's brain when he's so intent in watching a woman he walks into the back of a truck?

First off, I'm not even going to chastise anyone in this little scene. Not the busty young thing in tight jeans and tighter sweater. Sweater? The temperature has been in the high eighties kicking at that ninety door. Anyway, nor will I belittle the guy for staring. The sister puts it out there she shouldn't be surprised when someone stares. There is nothing wrong with staring; there is something wrong with forgetting where you are walking.

Now, back to my original question. You can't just look and turn away? I'm trying to think of anything that has taken my attention so. Sure, I've seen nice looking men, there was that time I almost ran into Tom Selleck in Starbucks, but you take a mental picture and move on. This guy was taking the mental picture, having it developed and printed into 8 by 10s. I think he was actually hanging them on the wall when he was brought back to reality by the bumper of a Ford 150.

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