Monday, September 15, 2008

One eleven: day four

My first concern is with all the families involved in this mess and that includes the family of the Metrolink train 111 since the spotlight is now shinning on him. Metrolink was premature to make the statement he was to blame. It's so easy to blame someone when they're gone. The official that made the statement resigned this morning and we all know, emotions can make us say things we shouldn't.

Also, forgive me if I go on for a while about this. I'm trying so desperately to organize my thoughts and figure out why I'm alive and unhurt today.

Downtown Los Angeles, for the past eleven weeks, has been my destination on Fridays and until four days ago I could not have loved it more. I would board the 6:53 am 104 train in Simi Valley and ride fifty minutes or so to the last stop, Union Station. A short ten minute walk to the court house then repeat those steps to come home. The coming home time and train could be different but for six out of the last ten weeks it was train 111.

Friday at court was an odd day to start with. Everyone seems to be less than attentive and would drift in and out, so much so that the secretary had a stern message about not leaving the courtroom until we had an official break and if anyone was not here, we would wait until the whole jury was back in the room before going on. He wanted to go home as much as the next person but we had to abide by the rules, even if it kept us there until 4:00 pm! When we were finally released I looked at the clock; 3:35 that meant the 111 was just pulling out of the station. I'd grab the next train at 4:26 and be home by 5:30; looks like we'll be going out to dinner tonight.

to be continued …

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  1. Wow... I heard about this on the news. How amazing and fortunate that you weren't on the train on that particular day...

    My thoughts are with you, and with the families of the poor people who weren't so lucky.