Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's dat clinkin' noise?

As mentioned in a previous post, my beloved is in a fence building frenzy. So, along with the neighbors in back of us, he is plotting a new fence. We really need a new one there, as well.

The previous seven neighbors were all too cheap to go together for the building cost so Dan just put up wood attached to an existing chain link fence. Not the best solution but it did last quite a long time. Through the years and a variety of owners, with children, the chain link has started to lean. The neighbors to the rear are at the top of our more than 45 degree slope.

Because he had already rented a dumpster to dispose of the first old fence Dan, at the same time, tore down the rear fence as well. Funny thing, now we can see our neighbors since neither they or us have any bushes between and this did cause another problem. They have pets. The dog, though a large bulky Chow,it only stare menacingly at Buddy our little terrier. They've yet to exchange any "words. Oh, Buddy does pee in his general direction but we've not had any breakthrough moments with the dogs.

Now the tortoise, plural, on the other hand have been the most problem. They have two desert tortoise and these odd little creatures somewhere have gotten the idea our slope is nirvana and try to escape as often as they can. One would think it would be easy to keep something so slow moving corralled. Think again. In the six days we've had the fence down Mr and Mrs Houdini been down here four times.

Yesterday, when I went in the back yard, I heard this odd clicking noise accompanied with some strange groan. Desert tortoises are hard to find but when I zeroed in on the noise there they were, on my slope, making baby tortoises; or trying their darnedest. I scurried around the block to fetch the owner and when we got back they seemed quite done. I think he was smoking a cigarette but could be wrong. Honest, they move much quicker than I'd ever imagined.

So the owner, disgusted with their, yet again another, escape. Swooped them up and headed for the car. This in its self is driving our dog Buddy absolutely nuts. I'm sure he can't figure out why people come and are taking all our tortoises from the back yard. So far, they've taken four and never brought any back. Poor Buddy, I believe he things we are growing them because he keeps nosing around in the bushes for more.

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  1. we gotta get Buddy his very own pet.........