Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free, our favorite pastime

Thousand Oaks has a summer series of free concerts in the park and Sunday we attended a great one. Not that the Memorial Day concert was all that bad but it was two tribute bands, the Monkees and Beatles. I just don't get the point with tribute bands. You're a musician that plays well enough to entertain but you pretend you're a famous, or infamous band. Make your own music for God's sake.

We were truly treated to some blues, funk, jazz and a bit or R and B from the Emilio Palame Band. These were true musicians with their own music, OK, they did cover a few other songs, but for the most part everything was from a CD they were trying to sell and, here's the best part, they sounded great. I'm sure they get paid something for showing up but they couldn't make much. Next concert, August 15 is Tresa James and the Rhythm Tramps. Such a fine name for a Blues Band, don't you think?

It's a late afternoon in the park, sitting in the shade and people watching so I'm all for this type of entertainment. Just the fact that there are all ages showing up, families with children, old folks in wheelchairs and anything in between. If you don't bring your picnic basket the park sells hot dogs, popcorn, and snow cones for a dollar each.

We've been attending, sometimes sporadically, these events for ten years. You see my wacky friend Crystal--God rest her soul--a part-time mime and full-time nut, would, with a few other friends, collect donations at intermission. I can't show up at the park without thinking of her and always get a bit sentimental when they come by. I used to say this is for Crystal when I put money in their sack but for some reason have stopped that, now I just say it to myself. I guess I'm afraid they'd say, "Who?" and that would break my heart.


  1. the names of the bands LOL!!

    We have a free concert in the park starts on the first for about six weeks.

  2. Anonymous4:08 PM

    crystal was one of the best people i knew!
    love teri