Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After driving 2,400 plus miles looking at beautiful scenery such as these lovely red rock cliffs in Capital Reef NP I came home and decided it was time to paint, again. Sometimes I worry I don't paint enough and I'm trying very hard to find a school/teacher locally to give me better control to do what I want because I'm not happy with my skills these days. I have lots of inspiration just not much drive. Somehow I always find something else to keep me busy and out of the studio.

The Getty Underground, a show for docents and staff, will be in October so I do have a deadline now, if I only keep to it and don't procrastinate, again. My last work I gave to Dan's cousin who is trying to decorate her new house in Las Vegas. It was of the Canyon of Fire a beautiful State Park outside of Vegas that Dan and I visited last September. I was glad it was well received.

Just so you know the whole trip wasn't huge red rocks or beautiful canyons sometimes it was miles of looking through bugs on the windshield.

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