Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: AT$T

Having the iPad on our trip was fantastic , that is, when we were in AT$Ts supposedly 97% of the country. Most of the trip I wasn't on 3G but just E, whatever that is. All I know is it wasn't very fast. Now I'm back in LA county with better connection. I'm not saying it was impossible just a bit frustrating when I was looking for gas stations and the like.

Should I mention what some hotels call WiFi? Sure. What a joke, can't sign on or you need to be sitting in their office or use it in the middle of the night. The connection in the motel in Gallup was laughable and went back to the sketchy cellular connection. I'll be ever so glad to get back to my network and not have to pay anything. Well, anything extra.

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