Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello? Can you hear me?

After visiting my sister in Colorado I now realize, first hand, why we don't hear that much from her. It can be frustrating if you are used to communicating on the computer or cell phone and in their area you just never know what, or when, it will work. I wonder if they make some amplifier for WiFi reception that would help them.

Since my birthday was around the time of our visit she surprised me with one of her new creations, a turquoise necklace. It is very different and quite lovely. I wore it in Pueblo to rave reviews and I'll wear it today to the Getty Center. I'm working all of July and today is my first day back in 6 weeks. Yikes, hope I remember everything. If my camera worked I'd take a pix because it's great and she made it the perfect length. Nothing like having custom-made jewelry.

The photos were taken before my camera died and it was kind enough for me to get the last of them out of the camera so all my Colorado trip photos were saved.


  1. didn't you take these with my camera? How bout the boat trip pics?

    Rave reviews wow!!! Did the girls at the G like it?

    Norm is making me something.........almost done.

  2. Yes, it was a hit at the Getty.