Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soon, very soon

Remember in April I posted about my darling seedlings? No, well catch up and click the link.

Ok, it's now near August and look how we've grown.
This is but two of the seedlings all grown up and ready to make my life oh so joyous by showering me with hot green chilies for the summer.

There, look closely and you can see a few, off to the left–hiding behind a leave– there's a New Mexico Green Chili hanging on. There are a few larger ones but they are deep in side and avoiding the camera like 20-year-old movie-star felon.

As you're looking closely you can see I don't use any bug spray and something is having a banquet munching on the leaves but hey, I've enough for all the little creatures. These two pots were planted because I had so many seedlings that sprouted. Half are now growing in my neighbors garden and he says they are doing well. He's also growing tomatoes. We are serious about salsa here.

It was a rocky start when we had the horrible triple digit heat wave. The 'net, and you all know I live by the 'net, said NM green chilies don't like hot weather over 90 during the day and over 60 at night. Sheesh, that's about our normal weather let alone these blasts from Dantes Inferno from time to time. But now I'm giddy with the amount of flower that stayed and became little tiny chilies. They are just so dang slow growing.

Grow, my darlings so you can realize your full potential, Chili Rellenos, Chili Verde, Salsa, anything your little green hearts desire.


  1. just in time for our's hoping!!

  2. Now that would be a great thing. YUM!